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Environmental Studies Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Environmental Studies Quiz Set 8

1 As a consequence of succession the P/B ratio (Gross production / Standing crop biomass) is changed. It is
1 high during developmental stages and low at mature stage.
2 low during developmental stages and high at mature stage.
3 > 1 or < 1 at developmental stages and approximately 1 at mature stage
4 remaining unchanged at all stages.

Answer: high during developmental stages and low at mature stage.
2 Preparation of hazard-zoning map in case of landslide prone regions involves comprehensive investigation of
1 details of structural and lithological settings.
2 geomorphic features relating to instability of slopes.
3 seismicity pattern of the region.
4 all of the above.

Answer: all of the above.


3 According to Goldieh the decreasing order of stability of following minerals of igneous rocks towards weathering is
1 Muscovite > Quartz > Potash feldspar > Biotite
2 Biotite > Potash feldspar > Muscovite > Quartz
3 Quartz > Muscovite > Potash feldspar > Biotite
4 Potash feldspar > Quartz > Muscovite > Biotite

Answer: Quartz > Muscovite > Potash feldspar > Biotite
4 In universal polar stereographic coordinate system the eastings and northings are computed using which projection method ?
1 Polar aspect stereographic projection
2 Non-polar aspect stereographic projection
3 Polar aspect mercator projection
4 Non-polar aspect mercator projection

Answer: Polar aspect stereographic projection
5 Pitchblende is an ore of
1 Nickel
2 Chromium
3 Molybdenum
4 Uranium

Answer: Uranium
6 Copper (Cu) is classified according to its geochemical affinity as
1 Siderophile element
2 Chalcophile element
3 Lithophile element
4 Atmophile element

Answer: Chalcophile element
7 If ‘a’ is the fractional wind speed decrease at the wind turbine, the maximum extraction of power from the wind occurs when ‘a’ is equal to
1 1/2
2 1/3
3 1
4 3/5

Answer: 1/3
8 According to WHO, maximum permissible level of chlorides in drinking water is
1 100 mg/L
2 200 mg/L
3 600 mg/L
4 800 mg/L

Answer: 600 mg/L
9 Wilting coefficient of a loam represents
1 the minimum water content of the soil at which plants can no longer obtain water
2 water holding capacity
3 capillary water
4 field capacity

Answer: the minimum water content of the soil at which plants can no longer obtain water
10 Which one of the following techniques can be used for determining the level of cadmium in soil ?
1 UV – Visible spectrophotometer
2 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
4 IR spectrometer

Answer: Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
11 For noise control in automobiles, the exhaust muffler attenuates sound by
1 Absorption
2 Destructive interference
3 Reducing velocity of hot gases
4 Absorption and destructive interference

Answer: Reducing velocity of hot gases
12 Five particles (< 2-3 m) can be effectively collected from industrial stacks by
1 Fabric filters
2 Cyclone separators
3 Venturi scrubbers
4 Settling chambers

Answer: Venturi scrubbers
13 Soil fulvic acids are strong chelators of
1 Iron (II)
2 Iron (III)
3 Both Iron (II) and Iron (III)
4 Fe(OH)3

Answer: Iron (II)
14 Natural source of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) is
1 Root exudates
2 Anaerobic bacteria
3 Aerobic bacteria
4 Grass fires

Answer: Grass fires
15 Public hearing is conducted
1 Prior to site selection
2 Prior to approval of Terms of Reference
3 After preparation of EIA
4 After environmental clearance

Answer: After preparation of EIA

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