History of Development and Planning - Indian Economy General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Economics GK Quiz

1 Who is the father of Economics ?
A Max Muller
B Adam Smith
C Karl Marx
D None of these above

Answer: Option [B]
2 Indian Economy is :
A Socialistic Economy
B Gandhian Economy
C Mixed Economy
D Free Economy

Answer: Option [C]
3 Mixed economy means an economy where
A both agriculture and industry are equally promoted by the state
B there is co-existence of public sector along with private sector
C there is importance of small scale industries along with heavy industries
D economy is controlled by military as well as civilian rulers

Answer: Option [B]
4 India's economic planning CANNOT be said to be :
A indicative
B imperative
C limited
D democratic

Answer: Option [B]
5 Which one of the following is the task of the Planning Commission ?
A Preparation of the plan
B Implementation of the plan
C Financing of the plan
D None of these above

Answer: Option [A]
6 Which one of the following bodies finalizes the Five Year Plan Proposals ?
A Planning Commission
B Union Cabinet
C National Development Council
D Ministry of Planning

Answer: Option [C]
7 Which one of the following is true about Planning Commission ?
A It is a Ministry
B It is a Government Department
C It is an Advisory Body
D It is an Autonomous Corporation

Answer: Option [C]
8 Economic survey is published by :
A Ministry of Finance
B Planning Commission
C Govt of India
D Indian Statistical Institute

Answer: Option [A]
9 Who is the Chairman of the Planning Commission in India ?
A President
B Vice President
C Prime Minister
D Finance Minister

Answer: Option [C]
10 The Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission :
A HRD Minister
B Finance Minister
C Holds the rank of a cabinet minister
D is an economist of repute

Answer: Option [C]

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