Union and State Executive - Indian Politics General Knowledge Questions and Answers

1 How the President of India is elected ?
A By the way of people representation
B By an electoral college consisting of the elected members of both the Houses of Parliament and by the representatives of Central and State Legislature
C By an electoral college consisting of the elected members of both the Houses of Parliament
D The Prime Minister of India appoints him

Answer: Option [B]
2 Who is the Supreme Commander of Indian Armed Forces ?
A The Prime Minister of India
B The President of India
C The Defence Minister
D Chief of Army Staff

Answer: Option [B]
3 In which of the following situations does the President of India act in his own discretion ?
A In returning a proposal to the Council of Ministers for recommendation
B In appointing the Prime Minister
C Both [A] and [B]
D None of these

Answer: Option [A]
4 In the election of the President, the value of the vote of the Lok Sabha Members :
A differs according to the geographical size of the respective State
B is same
C differs according to the number of votes a member represents
D none of these

Answer: Option [C]
5 The oath is administered to the President of India by :
A Prime Minister of India
B The Speaker of Lok Sabha
C Chief Justice of Supreme Court
D Chief Justice of High Court

Answer: Option [C]
6 What is the minimum age limit to contest in President election in India ?
A 25 Years
B 30 Years
C 35 Years
D 40 Years

Answer: Option [C]
7 Who acts as the President of India when neither the President nor the Vice-President is available ?
A Chief of Army Staff
B Speaker of Lok Sabha
C Chief Justice of India
D Defence Advisor of India

Answer: Option [C]
8 The power of the President of India to issue an ordinance is a :
A Legislative power
B Executive power
C Constituent power
D None of these

Answer: Option [A]
9 The resolution for removing Vice-President of India can be moved to the :
A Joint sitting of Parliament
B Rajya Sabha
C Lok Sabha
D None of these

Answer: Option [B]
10 When a Chief Minister of a State loses his eligibility to vote in Presidential election of India ?
A He is yet to prove his majority on the floor of the lower house of the State Legislature
B He is a member of the Upper House of the State Legislature
C He himself is a candidate
D He holds many other Ministries in his hand

Answer: Option [B]


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