Which Country is the winner of FIFA World Cup 2014?

A Brazil
B Argentina
C Germany
D Netherlands
Answer & Explanation
Option: [C]

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A gold, silver, copper, bronze but not iron
B copper, iron, gold but not bronze
C silver, lead, iron but not gold
D gold, tin, bronze but not copper

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A Consumers are free to spend their income as they like
B Consumers have the power to manage the economy
C Consumer’s expenditures influence the allocation of resources
D Consumer goods are free from government control

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A Kanha National Park
B Desert National Park
C Tandoa National Park
D Corbett National Park

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A Because of price rate declination people wish to hold only cash
B People want to hold only cash because there is too much of liquidity in the economy
C The rate of interest is so low that no one wants to hold interest bearing assets and people wants to hold cash
D There is an excess of foreign exchange reserves in the economy leading to excess of money supply

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A Prakash Padukone
B P Gopichand
C Saina Nehwal
D Kidambi Srikanth

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