Which of the following metals form an amalgam with other metals ?

A Lead
B Tin
C Zinc
D Mercury
Answer & Explanation
Option: [D]

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A Majority Rule
B Stability in Government
C Common Political Thinking
D Representation of Minorities

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A Money Bills
B Non-money Bills
C Setting up of new All India Services
D Amendment of the Constitution

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A A.K. Gopalan’s case
B Keshvananda Bharti’s case
C M.C. Mehta’s case
D Golak Nath’s case

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A Venus is much smaller than Jupiter
B Venus is far from the Earth than Jupiter
C Venus reflects lesser light of sun than Jupiter
D he orbit of Venus is inside the earth's orbit whereas the orbit of Jupiter lies outside the orbit of the earth

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A Fungi
B Protozoa
C Virus
D Bacteria

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