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In which temperature the density of water is maximum ?

A 1000C
B 00C
C 40C
D 2730C
Answer & Explanation
Option: [C]

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A In Lathal, the inhabitants never used burnt bricks for construction.
B In Kalibangan, most of the constructions was done by using mud bricks.
C The inhabitants knew the game of dice.
D The inhabitants knew the use of geometrical designs.

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A Cars and television sets
B Milk and Milk products
C Food grains and other food products
D Electrical appliance like fans and electric irons

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A President of India
B Prime Minister of India
C Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha
D Minister of Parliamentary Affairs

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A Troposphere
B Mesosphere
C Thermosphere
D Stratosphere

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A Elected by Union Cabinet
B Appointed by Speaker
C Appointed by President
D Elected by members of the Public Accounts Committee

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