If the velocity of a body is halved, its kinetic energy will

A Become one fourth
B Remain unchanged
C Become half
D Become double
Answer & Explanation
Option: [A]

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A It is highly inflammable
B It is the lightest gas
C It is absorbed by plants
D It immediately combines with oxygen to form water

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A Red phosphorus
B Phosphorus pentoxide
C Phosphorus trichloride
D White phosphorus

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A Rise in national income and per capita income
B Development of railways and roadways
C Development of education and health services
D Development of industrial towns and industrial estate

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A Sulphuric acid
B Nitric acid
C Aqua ragia
D Hydrochloric acid

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A Marginal Revenue > Average Cost
B Marginal Revenue > Average Revenue
C Marginal Revenue = Marginal Cost
D Marginal Cost > Average Cost

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