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_____ is the main source of innovations.

A Upgraded technology
B Human mind
C Competitors' pressure
D Research & Development

Answer & Explanation

Answer: Option [B]

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A It is another name of recumbent fault
B Actually it occurs in fold mountains
C The crust is broken into several parallel
D None of the above

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A Central Bank of India
B State Bank of India
C Reserve Bank of India
D Above (a) and (b)

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A Cavern
B Cirque
C Blind-valley
D Rift valley

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A spongocoel
B haemocoel
C coelenteron
D pseudocoel

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A Nepal
B Australia
C India
D United States of America

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A All states have uniform VAT for the same product
B State have discretion to fix the rate of tax within the four rates prescribed
C It will promote production efficiency of investments
D It will make our exports more competitive

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