100 HR Interview Questions and Answers - 21 to 30

  1. Why should I hire you?
  2. If you are selected then how long would you expect to work for us?
  3. If you had enough money then would you retire or continue your job?
  4. Explain how you would be an asset to this organization?
  5. Is there any criteria you are using to decide the organization you will work for?
  6. Which is more important to you, your salary or your job?
  7. Are you willing to work overtime or at Nights or at holidays?
  8. If you are transferred to anywhere then will you continue work?
  9. What type of supervisor have you found to be suitable to work with?
  10. Besides the job requirements what are the qualities a supervisor should posses?

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Random GK Questions

A Sodium carbonate
B Sodium bicarbonate
C Sodium nitrite
D Sodium nitrate
Answer: Option [B]
A seismograph
B quake meter
C barometer
D none of the above
Answer: Option [A]
A Birth
B Acquiring property
C Descent
D Naturalisation
Answer: Option [B]
A Rig-Veda
B Sama-Veda
C Yajur-Veda
D Atharva-Veda
Answer: Option [A]
A TISCO at Burnpur
B Durgapur Iron and Steel Plant
C TISCO at Jamshedpur
D None of the above
Answer: Option [C]
A Drafting Committee
B Constituent Assembly
C Union Constitution Committee
D A Working Committee
Answer: Option [A]