100 HR Interview Questions and Answers - 51 to 60

  1. Explain briefly your working strategy.
  2. What would your previous supervisor say about you?
  3. How was your previous job? Good or bad?
  4. Is there any example when you did more than required in a project assigned to you?
  5. What are the key achievements in your previous job?
  6. You are more qualified than the job requirement, do you not think so?
  7. If you dislike something in your job then what you will do?
  8. What kind of environment would you like to prefer for work?
  9. How do you deal with pressures that you feel in the job?
  10. Tell me about the highest pressure situations in your life and how did you cope with them?

Random GK Questions

A Increasing national income
B Elimination of poverty
C Reducing inequalities in income and wealth
D All of the above

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A an asteriod
B a black hole
C a comet
D a dying star

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A Fog in a dispersion medium of water
B Mist in a dispersion medium of air
C Air in a dispersion medium of water
D Water drops in a dispersion medium of air

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A oxygen
B nitrogen
C carbon monoxide
D carbon dioxide

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