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Management Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | MBA BBA Quiz Set 34

1 Which one of the following is a type of interview where a series of job-related questions are asked that focus on how the candidate would behave in a given situation ?
1 Behavioural interview
2 Job-related interview
3 Situational interview
4 Structured interview

Answer:Situational interview
2 Consider the following statements : (a) Sensitivity training was developed by Kurt Lewin (b) In-basket excercise is a simulated training method (c) Depth interview is also known as Directive Interview (d) Job evaluation is carried out for promoting job satisfaction
1 Only (a) and (c)
2 Only (a) and (b)
3 (a), (b) and (c)
4 (b), (c) and (d)

Answer: Only (a) and (b)


3 Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS) consists of the following steps : (a) Reallocate incidents (b) Develop performance dimensions (c) Generate critical incidents (d) Develop final statements
1 (a), (b), (c), (d)
2 (b), (c), (a), (d)
3 (c), (b), (a), (d)
4 (a), (c), (b), (d)

Answer: (c), (b), (a), (d)
4 Consider the following elements : (a) Actors (b) Inputs (c) Context (d) Output (e) Ideology Which of these are not the elements of John T.Dunlop’s Framework of Industrial Relatives System ?
1 (a) and (b)
2 (a) and (e)
3 (b) and (d)
4 (a) and (d)

Answer: (b) and (d)
5 State the price of the share for the year t, if the rate of growth of the firm is 10%, EPS and DPS for the year t11, are ` 3 and ` 2 respectively and the investors’ required rate of return is 20%.
1 30
2 20
3 25
4 10

6 In which of the following appraisal criteria of capital budgeting, the use of varying opportunity cost of capital as a discount factor is possible ?

(a) NPV


(c)Pay-back Period


1 Only (a) is correct.
2 (a) and (b) both are correct.
3 (b) and (d) both are correct
4 Only (c) is correct.

Answer: Only (a) is correct.
7 According to the CAPM model, the cost of equity is represented by :
1 Rm1(Rm2Rf)bj
2 Rf1(Rm2Rf)bj
3 bj1(Rm2Rf)Rm
4 Rm1Rf1bj

8 Anticipated annual dividend divided by the market price of the stock is referred as :
1 Dividend Pay-out
2 Dividend yield
3 Return on Equity
4 Regular dividend

Answer: Dividend yield
9 If the existing shareholder does not exercise his/her right or does not sell the right entitlement :
1 his/her wealth will remain unaffected
2 his/her wealth will increase
3 his/her wealth will decrease
4 his/her wealth may increase or decrease

Answer:his/her wealth will decrease
10 What are the four main components of holistic marketing ?
1 Integrated Marketing, Internal Marketing, Product Positioning and Performance Marketing
2 Integrated Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Social Marketing and Performance Marketing
3 Relationship Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Internal Marketing and Performance Marketing
4 Relationship Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Internal Marketing and Social Marketing

Answer: Relationship Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Internal Marketing and Performance Marketing
11 Which of the following category of goods and services is most likely to require an aggressive use of the selling concept ?
1 Complementary Goods
2 Luxury Goods
3 Speciality Goods
4 Unsought Goods

Answer: Unsought Goods
12 The type of marketing that is the most recent to emerge is :
1 Person marketing
2 Product marketing
3 Services marketing
4 Social marketing

Answer:Social marketing
13 According to the __________ theory, marketers can enhance demand for a product by associating it with strong drives, using motivating cues and providing positive reenforcement.
1 Demand theory
2 Learning theory
3 Psychological theory
4 Two-factors theory

Answer: Learning theory
14 The most scientifically valid research is :
1 Experimental Research
2 Observation Research
3 Focus-Group Research
4 Survey Research

Answer:Experimental Research
15 Which of the following statements is not correct ?
1 Product Layout generally has continuous and Mass Production, mainly assembly function.
2 Process Layout generally has Intermittent, Job-Shop, Batch Production, mainly fabrication function.
3 Product Layout usually has general purpose equipments.
4 Process Layout is generally driven by fluctuating demand.

Answer: Product Layout usually has general purpose equipments.

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