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Management Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | MBA BBA Quiz Set 36

1 Which one of the following is not a major area of entrepreneurial innovation as suggested by Joseph Schumpeter ?
1 Product innovation
2 Process innovation
3 Market innovation
4 Structural innovation

Answer: Structural innovation
2 Which one of the following types of entrepreneurs are not proactive in nature and does not respond much to changes in the environment ?
1 Fabian entrepreneur
2 Adoptive entrepreneur
3 Drone entrepreneu
4 Innovative entrepreneur

Answer: Fabian entrepreneur


3 SFURTI (Scheme of fund for regeneration of traditional industries) is implemented by :
1 Union Ministry of Traditional Industries
2 National Agricultural cooperative Marketing Federation
3 Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
4 Union Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Answer: Union Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
4 According to the Tiwari Committee report, which one of the following is not an internal cause of industrial sickness in India ?
1 Lack of manpower planning
2 Lack of control systems
3 Excessive expenditure
4 Excessive tax policies

Answer: Excessive tax policies
5 Which of the following is/are the component(s) of Ethics by field of interest ?
1 Descriptive ethics
2 Normative ethics
3 Meta ethics
4 All of the above

Answer:All of the above
6 What is the right sequence of four psychological sub-processes in ethical action given by James Rest ?
1 Moral sensitivity, moral focus, moral judgment, moral character
2 Moral focus, moral character, moral sensitivity, moral judgement
3 Moral sensitivity, moral judgement, moral focus, moral character
4 Moral character, moral focus, moral judgement, moral sensitivity

Answer: Moral sensitivity, moral focus, moral judgment, moral character
7 A new approach “Learning Model” which is helpful to strengthen the decision making process was developed by :
1 Arthur Rich
2 Bob Garratt
3 Christian Wolff
4 Lord Keynes

Answer:Bob Garratt
8 Assertion (A) : Corporate behaviour towards stakeholders is an important concept in practice and a central part of corporate Governance.

Reason (R) : It has to be ethical, legal and responsible behaviour for organisation, stakeholders and society.

1 Both (A) and (R) are true.
2 Both (A) and (R) are false.
3 (A) is false, but (R) is true
4 (A) is true, but (R) is not a correct explanation of (A).

Answer: Both (A) and (R) are true.
9 CSR is important because :
1 It influences all aspects of Company’s operation
2 It gives company’s mission and strategy
3 It increases the general affluence and societal expectation
4 All of the above

Answer: All of the above
10 The demand function for commodity X, is QD5300220P; where P is the price in rupees per unit and QD is the quantity demanded in units per period. Which of the following is the price level at which total revenue of a firm facing this demand function is maximised ?
1 8.0
2 7.5
3 10.5
4 12.5

Answer: 7.5
11 It costs a firm ` 90 per unit to produce product A, and ` 60 per unit to produce B individually. If the firm can produce both products together at ` 160 per unit of product A and B, this exhibits signs of :
1 economies of scope
2 diseconomies of scale
3 diseconomies of scope
4 economies of scale

Answer: diseconomies of scope
12 In the context of Prisoner’s dilemma, which one of the following is correct ?
1 rational choices can lead to bad outcomes
2 rational choices can lead to good outcomes
3 co-operation can lead to sub - optimal results
4 none of the above

Answer: rational choices can lead to bad outcomes
13 Find the most appropriate sequence of life-cycle of price for a product, from the initial stage to the mature stage.
1 Target price®penetration price®value - based price®limit price®niche price
2 Penetration price®limit price®value - based price®target price®niche price
3 Penetration price®target price®limit price®value - based price®niche price
4 Penetration price®niche price®target price®limit price®value - based price

Answer: Target price®penetration price®value - based price®limit price®niche price
14 A public works project is proposed that has total present - worth benefits of ` 75 million and total present-worth cost of ` 55 million. In deliberating this proposal, some members of the Municipal Board have suggested that the project has a total present-worth disbenefits of ` 15 million; other members feel that ` 15 million should be treated as a cost. What will be the benefit cost ratio and net benefits value while considering the disbenefits as a cost ?
1 1.70 and ` 10 million
2 1.57 and ` 5 million
3 1.60 and ` 6 million
4 1.07 and ` 5 million

Answer:1.07 and ` 5 million
15 The ability to integrate new ideas with the existing processes and to innovate on the job is a crucial __________ for today’s managers.
1 Conceptual skill
2 Human skill
3 Soft skill
4 Technical skill

Answer:Conceptual skill

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