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Management Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | MBA BBA Quiz Set 43

1 Which of the following statements is not true ?
1 A group of firms following the same strategy in a market is called a ‘strategicgroup’.
2 The members of strategic group are the key competitors.
3 The type of competition among them is known as generic competition.
4 The height of entry barriers differ for each group.

Answer:The type of competition among them is known as generic competition.
2 In India Proctor & Gamble (P & G) (Home products division) is following the strategy of
1 Cost leadership
2 Differentiation
3 Broad differentiation
4 Focussed differentiation

Answer: Broad differentiation
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3 Today, mobile phones have many features such as camera, GPS, Internet, music and video recording. This is an example of
1 Convertibility of Industries
2 Combination of Industries
3 Competition among Industries
4 Convergence of Industries

Answer:Convergence of Industries
4 An organisation that is downsizing to reduce cost is implementing a strategy of
1 Growth
2 Focus
3 Renewal
4 Stability

Answer: Renewal
5 Who propounded entrepreneurship as a theory of business ?
1 Daniel Goleman
2 Joseph A. Schumpeter
3 Thomas A. Coleman
4 Warren Buffet

Answer:Joseph A. Schumpeter
6 Who among the following is not the first generation entrepreneur ?
1 Dhirubhai Ambani
2 Shiv Nadar
3 K. Anji Reddy
4 G.D. Birla

Answer: G.D. Birla
7 Which of the following is not a possible route to market entry for a small business owner/entrepreneur ?
1 Franchise
2 Corporate Venture
3 Outright Purchase
4 Buy-out

Answer:Corporate Venture
8 The number of items which can be exclusively manufactured in the small scale sector are
1 20 items
2 35 items
3 50 items
4 62 items

Answer:20 items
9 Which of the following is an external reason for the sickness of a small business ?
1 Choice of an idea
2 Inadequate finance
3 Volatile business environment
4 Lack of vertical and horizontal integration

Answer: Volatile business environment
10 In view of competitive global economy, corporations are involved in cost cutting, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and downsizing. All these activities can be carried out successfully only if there is proper
1 Business Ethics
2 Ethical Audit
3 Corporate Social Responsibility
4 Corporate Governance

Answer: Corporate Governance
11 Statement (A) : Law and moral standards overlap to a certain extent.

Statement (B) : Law represents a minimum set of standards for regulating human behaviour in society.

1 (A) and (B) both are incorrect.
2 (A) is correct but (B) is not the right explanation of (A).
3 (A) is correct and (B) is the right explanation of (A).
4 (A) is incorrect and (B) is a correct statement in isolation.

Answer:(A) is correct and (B) is the right explanation of (A).
12 In order to check the growing unethical practices in the field of information technology, the first cyber law passed in India is
1 Information Technology Act
2 Anti-hacking Law
3 Cyber Law
4 E-commerce Law

Answer:Information Technology Act
13 Which of the following is not a principle of CSR ?
1 Protecting Environment
2 Avoiding price discrimination
3 Promotional activities
4 Adopting the labour policies

Answer: Promotional activities
14 A decrease in supply will have the greatest effect on price, when the product’s demand is
1 Elastic
2 Inelastic
3 Perfectly elastic
4 Unitary elastic

15 For a production firm, the pecuniary economies arise from which one of the following sources ?
1 Large scale production
2 Purchasing and market economies
3 Indivisibility of factor inputs
4 Learning economies of workers and managers

Answer:Purchasing and market economies

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