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Management Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | MBA BBA Quiz Set 46

1 A market penetration pricing strategy is suitable when
1 lower price encourages actual competition.
2 the demand of the product is inelastic.
3 the production and distribution costs fall with increasing production.
4 Spiral career path

Answer: the production and distribution costs fall with increasing production.
2 Which one of the following is not included in the distribution logistics ?
1 Order processing
2 Inventory
3 Warehousing
4 Wholesaler

Answer: Wholesaler


3 According to the ‘two-step flow’ concept, messages should be targeted to
1 opinion leaders
2 the mass audience
3 the upper class
4 unsegmented audience

Answer: opinion leaders
4 1.The last stage in the personal-selling process is ‘closing the sale’.

2. In India, companies spend much less on post-testing than on pre-testing of advertising.

3. Market targeting is currently the most popular marketing approves.

4. According to RL Stevensen, everybody lives by selling something.

The true statements are
1 All of the above
2 None of the above
3 Only 2 and 3
4 only 2, 3 and 4

Answer:only 2, 3 and 4
5 The attempt to build and/or maintain a good “corporate image” is referred to as
1 Advertising
2 Public Relations
3 Personal selling
4 Sales promotion

Answer:Public Relations
6 The most significant advantage in the use of newspaper as an advertising medium is
1 Audience selectivity
2 Flexibility
3 High attention
4 National market coverage

7 The promotional tool which is useful during the decline stage of product life cycle is
1 Advertising
2 Personal selling
3 Public relation
4 Sales promotion

Answer:Sales promotion
8 The most important factor in selecting advertising media is
1 Media cost
2 Media preference of target audience
3 Nature of the product
4 Type of message

Answer: Media preference of target audience
9 The most common form of organizing the marketing department is based on
1 Customer
2 Functions
3 Geography
4 Product

10 The time elapsed between two successive outputs from a process that is continuously operating in a given period of time is known as
1 Throughput Time
2 Cycle time
3 Lead time
4 Bottle neck removal time

Answer: Cycle time
11 The collective set of tools and techniques used to develop a quality assurance system when business processes show variations, is known as
1 Quality Assurance Process
2 Quality Management System
3 Statistical Quality Control
4 Statistical Process Control

Answer: Statistical Process Control
12 A firm’s demand for an item of raw material this year was 1000 units. The price of the item will be double the next year. All other information, will remain unchanged. What will be new EOQ ?
1 500 units
2 707 units
3 2000 units
4 None of the above

Answer: 707 units
13 Consider the following statements :

1. A redundant constraint in an LP problem results in an infeasible solution.

2. A degenerate solution is totally meaningless to a manager.

3. The EOQ model of inventory management can be applied for determining the optimal production lot size.

4. LP technique can not be used for finding the scope for increasing the price, without disturbing the optimal product mix.

Codes :
1 Only statements 1 and 3 are true.
2 Only statement 3 is true.
3 Only statements 1 and 2 are true.
4 None of the statements is true.

Answer: Only statement 3 is true.
14 Consider the following statements :

1. A transport problem is said to be a balanced problem if the number of origins and destination is equal.

2. Dual theory of simplex method of LP can be used to solve a game theory problem.

3. CPM is often referred to as time-cost trade-off.

4. Time is not the only variable in PERT.

5. In a single-channel queuing models, if µ = λ, infinite queue will build up.

1 Statements 2, 3 and 4 are true, other are not.
2 Statements 2, 3 and 5 are true, other are not.
3 Statements 1, 2 and 3 are true, other are not.
4 All the statements are false.

Answer:Statements 2, 3 and 5 are true, other are not.
15 If, on an average, ‘A’ completes 40 tasks with a standard deviation of 5, ‘B’ completes 160 tasks with a standard deviation of 15 and ‘C’ completes 120 tasks with a standard deviation of 8, their order when arranged on the basis of consistency is
1 C, A and B
2 A, B and C
3 C, B and A
4 B, A and C

Answer:C, B and A

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