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Mass Communication & Journalism Objective Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Mass Communication & Journalism MCQs Set 11

1 The object of the Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867, is merely to regulate ______ for preservation of copies of books and newspapers.
1 Printing presses
2 Publishers
3 Printers
4 Authors

Answer: Printing presses
2 The memorandum to control the selection of newspapers for ______ by the Indian government was challenged in the Calcutta High Court by print media during the period of internal emergency (1975-76).
1 Public advertisements
2 Newsprint quota
3 Accreditation
4 Government benefits

Answer: Public advertisements
3 The major strategy of participatory communication is
1 Government scheme
2 Top-down approach
3 Information dissemination
4 Dialogue

Answer: Dialogue
4 Los Banos School is associated with
1 Cultural communication
2 Development communication
3 Risk communication
4 International communication

Answer: Development communication
5 A quantitative aggregation of findings of many research efforts will result in
1 Meta analysis
2 Gatekeeping and unit analysis
3 Output analysis
4 Input analysis

Answer: Meta analysis
6 A construct is
1 Incomplete in presentation
2 A false statement
3 A personal statement
4 An abstract statement

Answer: An abstract statement
7 A discreet variable cannot be divided into
1 values
2 phenomena
3 groups
4 sub-parts

Answer: sub-parts
8 The difference between sample and population values will show
1 the range
2 the statistical significance
3 the sampling error
4 the stratified deviation

Answer: the sampling error
9 Which document describes your needed camera set-ups ?
1 Shot list
2 Rule of Thirds
3 Script
4 Synopsis

Answer: Shot list
10 The button at the top of the camera used to take the picture is called
1 Shutter Speed
2 Shutter Release
3 Camera Body
4 Lens

Answer: Shutter Release
11 A text matter that accompanies a photograph is ______ :
1 Headline
2 By-line
3 Date-line
4 Cut-line

12 A premium rate for a special position to advertise is known as
1 Make-good rate
2 Impact rate
3 Mandatory rate
4 Loading rate

Answer: Loading rate
13 Communication audit is commonly employed in the field of
1 Advertising
2 Public relations
3 Newspaper publishing
4 Broadcasting

Answer: Public relations
14 Gravure printing method is
1 Black and white only
2 Intaglio printing
3 Thermal printing
4 Flexographic printing

Answer: Intaglio printing
15 RGB colour model is known as ______ colour model.
1 Additive
2 Subtractive
3 Restrictive
4 Non-active

Answer: Additive

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