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Mass Communication & Journalism Objective Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Mass Communication & Journalism MCQs Set 13

1 The ability to access, analyse, evaluate and communicate media messages is known as
1 Cultural criticism
2 Critical theory
3 Media dependency
4 Media literacy

Answer: Media literacy
2 Determinist and instrument views of media see them as purveyors of
1 Tolerance
2 Harmony
3 Prosperity
4 Violence

Answer: Violence
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3 Theory based on empirical observation guided by the scientific method is
1 Post-positivist Theory
2 Hermeneutic Theory
3 Grounded Theory
4 Axiology

Answer: Post-positivist Theory
4 When codes of communication are not meaningfully shared, it leads to
1 Physical noise
2 Mechanical noise
3 Semantic noise
4 Psychological noise

Answer: Semantic noise
5 A type of theory that describes an ideal way for media systems to be structured and operated is referred to as
1 Value system
2 Normative theory
3 Scientific theory
4 Archaic theory

Answer: Normative theory
6 The area of cover provided by broadcast media is referred to as
1 coverage map
2 market area
3 media depth
4 audience area

Answer: coverage map
7 In communication, syllable structure is technically called
1 paradigmatic
2 syntagmatic
3 paraglyphic
4 ideographic

Answer: syntagmatic
8 Media of the second degree were dependent on
1 oral distribution
2 technical reproduction
3 handwriting
4 internal distribution

Answer: oral distribution
9 Hierarchy of effects model is a theory related to
1 social marketing
2 international communication
3 public relations
4 political communiation

Answer: social marketing
10 In communication, cognitive dissonance brings about psychological
1 Adjustments
2 Dynamism
3 Conflicts
4 Passivity

Answer: Conflicts
11 In communication, content information is
1 meaningless
2 emotional
3 non-receptive
4 factual

12 The answerability model of media accountability prefers
1 Administrative aggression
2 Negotiation
3 Non-material penalty
4 Moral binding

Answer: Negotiation
13 The researcher’s attempt to explain the effects at a cultural or societal level is described as
1 Macroscopic Theory
2 Microscopic Theory
3 Media action Theory
4 Mid-level Theory

Answer: Microscopic Theory
14 A Normative Theory combining aspects of libertarianism and social responsibility theory is
1 Eastern belief
2 Latin American value
3 Western concept
4 Pluralism

Answer: Western concept
15 The direct mechanical reproduction of behaviour is known as
1 Imitation
2 Cognition
3 Impact
4 Stimulus

Answer: Imitation

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