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Mass Communication & Journalism Objective Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Mass Communication & Journalism MCQs Set 14

1 Absolute and qualified privileges are discussed under
1 Legislative protection
2 Criminal law of justice
3 Civil law of torts
4 Defence of India Rules

Answer: Civil law of torts
2 Media institutions manufacture
1 Marketable goods
2 Meaninglessness
3 Representations
4 Development

Answer: Representations
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3 The idea that “media affect others, but not me” is called as
1 Personal effect
2 Second person effect
3 Third person effect
4 Demonstration effect

Answer: Third person effect
4 Who is the author of the book, ‘Durbar’ ?
1 Tavleen Singh
2 T.N. Ninan
3 Arun Shourie
4 Barkha Dutt

Answer: Tavleen Singh
5 A search for truth through accurate observation and interpretation of fact is described as
1 Method of mysticism
2 Method of tenacity
3 Method of authority
4 Method of science

Answer: Method of science
6 The prevailing thought or theory of the time in a scientific discipline is identified as
1 Dominant paradigm
2 New paradigm
3 Alternative paradigm
4 Impactless paradigm

Answer: Dominant paradigm
7 A bonafide list of subscribers is necessary for a newspaper to get
1 The postal benefit
2 The private donations
3 The state subsidy
4 The free quota of newsprint

Answer: The postal benefit
8 When a company moves sideways buying across different media, it is called
1 Expressive integration
2 Natural integration
3 Lateral integration
4 Collective integration

Answer: Lateral integration
9 The civil law of defamation in India is based on
1 American common law
2 French common law
3 Russian common law
4 English common law

Answer: English common law
10 Working journalists have the right to
1 form trade unions
2 defame any one
3 spread rumours against celebrities
4 support unfriendly countries

Answer: form trade unions
11 ‘Another Development’ also means
1 cultural subjugation
2 surplus revenue generation
3 sustainable development
4 sidestepping cultural ecology

Answer:sustainable development
12 The controlled embedding of journalists in the armed forces was first invented by
1 the United States
2 the United Kingdom
3 the United Arab Emirates
4 the Philippines

Answer: the United States
13 The idea that media penetrate people’s minds and instantly create effects is named as
1 agenda-setting
2 violence on the media
3 magic bullet theory
4 personal effect

Answer: magic bullet theory
14 Communication for sustainable development is not
1 positive
2 motivational
3 neutral
4 accountable

Answer: neutral
15 Panel studies are used to measure the same sample of subjects at different
1 Locations
2 Situations
3 Levels
4 Points of time

Answer: Points of time

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