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Mass Communication & Journalism Objective Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Mass Communication & Journalism MCQs Set 18

1 The term ‘ideological state apparatuses’ was used for mass media by
1 James Carey
2 James Curran
3 Louis Althusser
4 Theodor Adorno

Answer:Louis Althusser
2 James Madison, well-known American political scholar, advocated the acquisition of
1 News sources
2 Popular information
3 Newspaper houses
4 Advertising agencies

Answer: Popular information
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3 The Information theory is based on the assumption that transmitted message is characterised by determinable degrees of
1 Redundancy
2 Illustrations
3 Fantasy
4 Non-linearity

Answer: Redundancy
4 Deontological theory deals with
1 Field Observations
2 Content Analysis
3 Ethics Analysis
4 Data Analysis

Answer: Ethics Analysis
5 Theory about the new Media’s power to structure the importance of political issues in the Public’s Mind is called
1 Cultivation theory
2 Agenda setting theory
3 Hypodermic needle theory
4 Social learning theory

Answer: Agenda setting theory
6 The Western Scholar, William Hatchen views development journalism as
1 Pack Journalism
2 Chequebook Journalism
3 Parachute Journalism
4 Advocacy Journalism

Answer: Advocacy Journalism
7 Parametric tests are used with the data that is
1 Non-categorical
2 Categorical
3 Continuous
4 Non-descriptive

Answer: Categorical
8 Cronbach’s alpha shows a measuring instrument’s ______ level.
1 Internal consistency
2 External variance
3 Internal variance
4 Standard deviation

Answer: Internal consistency
9 Exhaustivity is a factor of
1 Multivariate statistical procedure
2 Generalization
3 Laboratory research
4 A state of a category system

Answer: A state of a category system
10 The model which rejected the use of folk media in development was
1 Dominant Paradigm
2 Alternative Paradigm
3 Participatory Paradigm
4 Sustainable Development

Answer: Dominant Paradigm
11 Scholars view development support communication as
1 Sectarian
2 Casteist
3 Co-equal
4 Holistic

12 The first community radio station in Asia was set up in
1 The Philippines
2 South Korea
3 Vietnam
4 India

Answer: The Philippines
13 Broadcast of specialised programmes for self-selective audiences is referred to as
1 Public casting
2 Private casting
3 Personal casting
4 Narrow casting

Answer: Narrow casting
14 Continuity editing means ______
1 Exaggeration of shots
2 Tightening of shots
3 Use of peculiar angles
4 Rhythm of the events

Answer: Rhythm of the events
15 In public relations, _____ research is used to ascertain the impact of a campaign.
1 Ethnographic
2 Field study
3 Evaluation
4 Cohort

Answer: Evaluation

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