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Mass Communication & Journalism Objective Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Mass Communication & Journalism MCQs Set 20

1 In a ritual definition, communication is linked to _____.
1 Moral Panic
2 Connivance
3 Sharing
4 Exploitation

2 American anthropologist Edward Hall developed the study of ______.
1 Graphics
2 Chronemics
3 Kinesics
4 Proxemics

Answer: Proxemics


3 Icons are groups of interactive
1 demands
2 demeanours
3 symbols
4 definitions

Answer: symbols
4 Alvin Toffler used the term
1 massification
2 demassification
3 synthetic images
4 clinicalisation

Answer: demassification
5 Roland Barthes, in textual analysis, identified
1 easy words
2 difficult words
3 binary opposition
4 fixed parameters

Answer: binary opposition
6 According to Hallin and Mancini, the Democratic Corporatist Model of media and politics is located in
1 Sri Lanka
2 Belgium
3 Syria
4 Albania

Answer: Belgium
7 Herbert Gans argued that ownership control of newspapers was offset by
1 Community Newspapers
2 Government Control
3 Reader Fragmentation
4 Professionalism of Journalists

Answer: Professionalism of Journalists
8 Which of the following prejudices the due process of justice ?
1 Infringement of copyright
2 Trial by media
3 Seditious statements
4 Fair criticism

Answer: Trial by media
9 For summoning and enforcing the attendance of persons and examining them on oath, the Press Council of India has the powers of a
1 Police Officer
2 Cabinet Minister
3 Non-judicial Officer
4 Civil Court

Answer: Civil Court
10 Robert Merton advocated for the development of
1 Long range theories
2 Middle range theories
3 Low range theories
4 Amorphous theories

Answer: Middle range theories
11 Paulo Freire’s theory of dialogical communication is based on
1 Group Communication
2 Intra-personal Communication
3 Mediated Communication
4 Language of Communication

Answer:Group Communication
12 The concept of development indicators became popular because of normative theories of
1 Freedom
2 Control
3 Hegemony
4 Social change

Answer: Social change
13 Developmentalism as an ideology is rooted in the eighteenth century idea of
1 Progress
2 Neo-liberalism
3 Welfarism
4 Consumerism

Answer: Progress
14 The communitarian strategy of development emphasizes
1 Horizontal communication
2 Corporate democracy
3 Constant exploitation
4 Authoritarianism

Answer: Horizontal communication
15 In development communication, a constant exposure to media images would bring about “a revolution of rising expectations.” Who advocated this concept ?
1 Lucian Pye
2 Walt Rostow
3 Wilbur Schramm
4 Daniel Lerner

Answer: Daniel Lerner

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