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Mass Communication & Journalism Objective Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Mass Communication & Journalism MCQs Set 21

1 Use of mail, telephone and other non-personal contact tools to communicate with or solicit a response from specific customers is called.
1 Advertising
2 Direct Marketing
3 Sales Promotion
4 Public Relations

2 The concept of ‘Vicious Circle of Poverty’ was propagated by
1 S. Ewen
2 E. Ewen
3 M. Ferguson
4 R. Nurkse

Answer: R. Nurkse
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3 The organic model of policy making for development prefers
1 Exclusive mass media
2 Advertising
3 Event management
4 Integrated media

Answer: Integrated media
4 The phenomenon central to the acceleration of western media flows towards non-western countries is
1 Capital infusion
2 Globalization
4 Government subsidy

Answer: Globalization
5 Fox News was one of the first television channels to reject the idea of
1 Political bias
2 Political conservatism
3 Political evaluation
4 Political neutrality

Answer: Political neutrality
6 The source of a sample is called
1 Sample distribution
2 Research matrix
3 Respondent profile
4 Sampling frame

Answer: Sampling frame
7 In research, when imaginary things are treated as though they are real, it is known as
1 expected reality
2 representation
3 reification
4 re-inforcement

Answer: reification
8 Data point means a/an
1 decimal point
2 probable point
3 identifier
4 observation

Answer: observation
9 The standard deviation of the sampling distribution of means is also known as
1 standard error
2 means of samples
3 deviation of means
4 sample deviation

Answer: standard error
10 A qualitative research project has to deal with the error of
1 convenience
2 segregation
3 incursion
4 intensity

Answer: segregation
11 An ordinal scale will have the property of
1 interval
2 equivalence
3 zero point
4 uniformity

12 Categories in content analysis should display the property of
1 limitation
2 abstraction
3 exhaustivity
4 conflict

Answer: exhaustivity
13 The given range with a known degree of confidence having an assertion of true values is referred to as
1 inferential level
2 standard range
3 confidence interval
4 descriptive census

Answer: confidence interval
14 Hard news is usually based on
1 insignificant eventuality
2 psychological proximity
3 leastness
4 justification

Answer: psychological proximity
15 Media texts are full of ______.
1 history
2 sub-ordination
3 domination
4 representation

Answer: representation

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