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Mass Communication & Journalism Objective Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Mass Communication & Journalism MCQs Set 22

1 Who coined the term “Pay Radio” ?
1 Chad Dyner
2 Walter Benjamin
3 Hans Magnko Enzensberger
4 David Pogue

Answer:David Pogue
2 Cable TV and home computers are classified as
1 indirect media
2 public video
3 neo-video
4 scattered media

Answer: neo-video
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ADRE 2.0 Mock Test - 5 Start Test


3 Rundown sheets are a technical script used for
1 light mixing
2 scene mixing
3 camera mixing
4 sound mixing

Answer: sound mixing
4 If the camera cannot be placed away enough to include everything in the scene, change the lens to one with a
1 Lower ‘f’ rating
2 Higher ‘f’ rating
3 Longer focal length
4 Shorter focal length

Answer: Shorter focal length
5 Google uses a system called _____ to determine the importance of your page relative to the importance of other similar pages.
2 Page Rank
3 Back links
4 Ad words

Answer: Page Rank
6 When rumours or gossips are spread by unlinked, people that kind of grapevine communication is identified as
1 free flow
2 random flow
3 restricted flow
4 critical flow

Answer: free flow
7 Black propaganda is completely credited to a/an
1 official source
2 diplomatic source
3 legal source
4 false source

Answer: false source
8 A clipsheet normally contains
1 head-leaders
2 crosslines
3 publicity stories
4 scoops

Answer: publicity stories
9 Fleishman Hillard is an agency for
1 Advertising
2 Public Relations
3 Book Publishing
4 Commercial feature films production

Answer: Public Relations
10 In a news story the relationship between pieces of information and the central theme is established with the use of ______.
1 Tie-back
2 Lead
3 Trial balloon
4 Transition

Answer: Transition
11 Most news sources have built-in
1 Checks and balances
2 Supply channels
3 Frames
4 Security systems

12 ______ footage is the practice of choosing and naming short segments of video before editing.
1 Caputre
2 Logging
3 Importing
4 collating

Answer: Logging
13 News is described as a historic
1 reality
2 illusion
3 belief
4 game

Answer: reality
14 A sidebar, normally ruled, that goes anywhere in a story is called
1 flimsy
2 flop
3 flat
4 float

Answer: float
15 A headline across top of a page above the mast-head is known as
1 overline
2 skyline
3 topline
4 flagline

Answer: skyline

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