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Mass Communication & Journalism Objective Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Mass Communication & Journalism MCQs Set 29

1 Identify the chronological order of the following publications :
1 Four Arguments Against Television, Public Opinion, Passing of the Traditional Society, Professional Journalist
2 Professional Journalist, Passing of the Traditional Society, Four Arguments Against Television, Public Opinion
3 Passing of the Traditional Society, Public Opinion, Professional Journalist, Four Arguments Against Television
4 Public Opinion, Passing of the Traditional Society, Professional Journalist, Four Arguments Against Television

Answer:Public Opinion, Passing of the Traditional Society, Professional Journalist, Four Arguments Against Television
2 Non-verbal communication is done through __________ codes.
1 critical
2 preferential
3 legal
4 moral

3 The concept of valid knowledge is discussed as part of :
1 political communication
2 cultural communication
3 structural communication
4 post-structuralist communication

Answer: cultural communication
4 A dynamic interaction between reader and message will result in :
1 conflict
2 similarity
3 meaning
4 focus

Answer: meaning
5 The interpretation of information in a way that is consistent with the person’s existing opinion is described as :
1 selective exposure
2 selective matching
3 selective sampling
4 selective distortion

Answer: selective distortion
6 The concept of development emanated directly from theories of :
1 economic take-off
2 political power
3 nationalism
4 social evolution

Answer: social evolution
7 Developmental reporting has the element of :
1 bias
2 modelling
3 advocacy
4 repetition

Answer: advocacy
8 In the organic model of development, the beneficiaries become :
1 listeners
2 viewers
3 communicators
4 consumers

Answer: communicators
9 When an outsider questions the meanings and methods of the project for verification purpose, it is called :
1 external audit
2 outsider brief
3 debriefing
4 pool vigilance

Answer: debriefing
10 The concept of central limit theorem helps in the computation of :
1 confidence level
2 confidence interval
3 random error
4 sampling error

Answer: sampling error
11 The present Chairman of the Press Council of India is :
1 Justice Markandeya Katju
2 Justice C.K. Prasad
3 Justice A. Parashar
4 Justice Ruma Pal

Answer:Justice C.K. Prasad
12 The professional body, Public Relations Circle, was established at :
1 Mumbai
2 Kolkata
3 Chennai
4 Hyderabad

Answer: Kolkata
13 The first public sector institution to employ public relations practices in India was :
1 Indian Railways
2 Bharath Electronics Limited
3 Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
4 Bharath Heavy Electricals Limited

Answer: Indian Railways
14 The first country to envisage a computeropolis to manage the future activities of an information society is :
1 The United States
2 France
3 South Korea
4 Japan

Answer: Japan
15 Contestation over symbols, language and representation in media is known as :
1 media activism
2 mediascape
3 media pedagogy
4 media construction

Answer: media activism

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