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Mass Communication & Journalism Objective Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Mass Communication & Journalism MCQs Set 30

1 Most case studies involve :
1 concealment
2 inductive reasoning
3 non-procedural inquiry
4 philosophical backgrounding

Answer:inductive reasoning
2 Who described media contents as cultural products ?
1 Marshal Mc Luhan
2 E.M. Rogers
3 Newcomb
4 Theodor Adorno

Answer:Theodor Adorno


3 In the case of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Vs. Cricket Association of Bengal, the Supreme Court judgement led to :
1 censorship of foreign journals
2 freeing electronic media from government monopoly
3 imposition of surcharge on media advertisements
4 restriction of media coverage of cricket matches

Answer: freeing electronic media from government monopoly
4 The Press Council of India is a :
1 non-judicial body
2 private entity
3 non-statutory body
4 quasi-judicial body

Answer: quasi-judicial body
5 The Central Board of Information was the forerunner of :
1 Press Information Bureau
2 Directorate of Information and Broadcasting
3 War Publicity Board

Answer: Directorate of Information and Broadcasting
6 Who wrote the book, The Media and Democracy ?
1 John F. Kennedy
2 John Keane
3 Walter Lippmann
4 Herbert Gans

Answer: John Keane
7 Intensity sampling is used in :
1 heuristic research
2 exploratory research
3 diagnostic research
4 historical research

Answer: heuristic research
8 The cumulative scale in social science research was developed by :
1 L.L. Thrust stone
2 Likert
3 Louis Guttman
4 Charles E. Osgood

Answer: Louis Guttman
9 The correlation computed between pairs of variables is known as :
1 Q type factor analysis
2 R type factor analysis
3 P type factor analysis
4 S type factor analysis

Answer: Q type factor analysis
10 Before a case study researcher conducts a pilot study, he must construct a :
1 study protocol
2 classic research design
3 historical diary
4 legal code

Answer: study protocol
11 Gender is a/an __________ level of measurement in mass communication research.
1 nominal
2 ordinal
3 intermediate
4 ratio

12 One-tailed test and two-tailed test are associated with :
1 Causation
2 concepts
3 constructs
4 hypothesis

Answer: hypothesis
13 In Jakobson’s model, the constitutive factors in an act of communication number is :
1 three
2 four
3 five
4 six

Answer: six
14 The rights granted under Article 19 of the Indian constitution are available to :
1 corporate persons only
2 legal persons only
3 Indian citizens only
4 non-Indians also

Answer: Indian citizens only
15 The Freudian concept of ‘The desire to see the unseeable’, is one of the leading arguments behind the nature of the pleasure of the media text. It is called :
1 Minia
2 Scophophillia
3 Hydrofobia
4 Hyper-reality

Answer: Scophophillia

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