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Mass Communication & Journalism Objective Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Mass Communication & Journalism MCQs Set 31

1 The test that involves placing two versions of an advertisements in the same issue of newspaper is called :
1 Split-run test
2 Gall-up-Robinson impact test
3 Daniel-starch test
4 Perlson-Influence test

Answer:Split-run test
2 The techniques of scheduling media that involves purchasing a large amount of space is called :
1 Media Concentration theory
2 Media Dominant theory
3 Media Monitoring theory
4 Media Effects theory

Answer:Media Dominant theory
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3 When a set of commercials or announcements is to be written and if it generates a lengthy copy, it is called :
1 donut copy
2 core copy
3 modulated copy
4 open copy

Answer: donut copy
4 Aerial advertising is a form of :
1 print media
2 in-house advertising
3 electronic advertising
4 out-door advertising

Answer: out-door advertising
5 ‘The post-test only control group design’ is amenable to the application of :
2 t-test
3 Chi-square test
4 Partial Correlation

Answer: t-test
6 The data and instructions for a computer are known as :
1 hardware
2 software
3 malware
4 programmer

Answer: software
7 Harold Evans was the editor of :
1 The Mirror
2 The Sunday Guardian
3 The Times (London)
4 The Daily Express

Answer: The Times (London)
8 Four audience dimentions evaluated to determine effectiveness of a specific PR Programme are :
1 Coverage, target, influence and objectives
2 Influence, response, coverage and impact
3 Response, target, influence and message
4 Message, influence, impact and target

Answer: Influence, response, coverage and impact
9 The House Journal “Hamara” is published by :
1 Air India
2 Bank of India
3 Indian Hotels
4 Hindustan Lever Ltd.

Answer: Hindustan Lever Ltd.
10 Public Relations was developed as a unique practice first in :
1 Great Britain
2 Germany
3 France
4 The United States

Answer: The United States
11 The four basic inks to a full range colours found in four colour printing are identified as :
1 range colours
2 premium colours
3 process colours
4 production colours

Answer:process colours
12 A visual path that flows from the upper corner to the lower right is identified as :
1 visual index
2 visual flight
3 optical crossline
4 gutenberg diagonal

Answer: gutenberg diagonal
13 The Television without Frontiers Directive was introduced in :
1 The United States
2 The European Union
3 Latin America
4 Australia

Answer: The European Union
14 The portion of a subject to be shown on camera is called :
1 anatomical designation
2 grouping designation
3 perspective designation
4 focal designation

Answer: anatomical designation
15 The readability test of Fog Index was developed by :
1 Rudolf Flesch
2 James Power
3 Robert Gunning
4 Dale-Chall

Answer: Robert Gunning

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