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Mass Communication & Journalism Objective Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Mass Communication & Journalism MCQs Set 36

1 Lack of empathy is the result of
1 fatalism
2 cultural experience
3 stimulated experience
4 frustrated experience

Answer:frustrated experience
2 F. Rozario-Braid defined development communication as
1 Narrative
2 Technology
3 Positive
4 Management process

Answer:Management process
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3 The economy that is increasingly based on knowledge and information is called as
1 Knowledge economy
2 Information economy
3 The Third Wave economy
4 The Electronic economy

Answer: The Third Wave economy
4 Herbert Schiller described the information received by the poor as
1 Entertainment
2 Anti-people
3 Information slavery
4 Information garbage

Answer: Information garbage
5 Famous painter MF Hussain produced the movie
1 Gaj Gamini
2 Talaash
3 Mujhe Kuchh Kahna Hai
4 The Painting

Answer: Gaj Gamini
6 Williams Latane’s work is associated with
1 Social loafing experiment
2 Conformity experiment
3 Line-judging experiment
4 Thin slices experiment

Answer: Social loafing experiment
7 The first film production studios are known as
1 Studio apartments
2 Factory studios
3 In-house studios
4 Make-shift studios

Answer: Factory studios
8 Research done after the event is known as
1 Ex Post Facto
2 Pre Test, Post Test
3 Solomon Four Group Design
4 Focus Group

Answer: Ex Post Facto
9 Response Rates do not relate to
1 Censures
2 Surveys
3 Sampling
4 References

Answer: References
10 Admass in an ad campaign is for
1 Target audience
2 Potential retailers
3 Laggards
4 Pedestrians

Answer: Target audience
11 When the respondents are shown the front page or the cover page of a publication with the name blacked out and are asked whether they remember, reading that particular issue is called
1 unaided recall
2 masked recall
3 recognition recall
4 aided recall

Answer:masked recall
12 Bluetooth is a
1 Trade name
2 Cell phone
3 Neighbourhood publication
4 Ad appeal

Answer: Trade name
13 When studies are used to measure a company’s position, it is called
1 Communication Audit
2 Corporate Audit
3 Public-Relations Audit
4 Social Audit

Answer: Public-Relations Audit
14 Who said “media is used by an individuals to connect or disconnect themselves from others” ?
1 Franklin John Henrilp
2 Franklin Hamilton
3 Marshall McLuhan
4 Franklin Rosario Baird

Answer: Franklin John Henrilp
15 Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham deviced Johari Window of Human Communication with four chambers or windows. Which among the following is not the window suggested by them ?
1 Open
2 Blind
3 Hidden
4 Cover

Answer: Cover

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