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Mass Communication & Journalism Objective Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Mass Communication & Journalism MCQs Set 37

1 The influential theorist of dependency ______ made a distinction between world systems and mini-systems.
1 Immanual Wallerstein
2 Alejandro Poters
3 Hermassi E.
4 Ernest Mandel

Answer:Immanual Wallerstein
2 Audiophile means
1 Audio recorder
2 Volume riser
3 Music buff
4 Ear Phones

Answer:Music buff
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3 In the ‘circuit of culture’, Stuart Hall identified five component elements. Four of these component elements are : Production, consumption, regulations and signification. What is the fifth component ?
1 Sympathy
2 Empathy
3 Synthesis
4 Identity

Answer: Identity
4 The careful organization of Website’s contents into hierarchical (or sequential) order, it is described as
1 informational line
2 information sequencing
3 information architecture
4 information processing

Answer: information architecture
5 Using existing structure in public spaces in advertising is known as
1 On line Advertising
2 Bauner Advertising
3 Transit Advertising
4 Ambient Advertising

Answer: Ambient Advertising
6 Ambisonics is also known as
1 Low voice
2 Microphones
3 Surround Sound
4 Surreptitious entry

Answer: Surround Sound
7 A short form of a TV programme is called as
1 Portfolio
2 Proportion
3 Pictograph
4 Pod buster

Answer: Pod buster
8 When company websites include a permanent display, usually a small box at the side of the screen that invites users to participate in a research project is known as
1 a stationary display
2 an outdoor display
3 classified
4 point-of-purchase ads

Answer: a stationary display
9 One of the important ways to ascertain the range of spread of variables in a sample is through the calculations of :
1 Sample size
2 Mode
3 Confidence level
4 Standard Deviation

Answer: Standard Deviation
10 Advertising that “ambushes” the viewer is called
1 Classified Display Advertising
2 Institutional Advertising
3 Online Advertising
4 Unconventional Advertising

Answer: Unconventional Advertising
11 Which of the following theories or designs eliminates the communication bias in a research project ?
1 Experimental Group Design
2 Single Blind Theory
3 Control Group Design
4 Double Blind Theory

Answer:Double Blind Theory
12 Which among the following films made by Satyajit Ray, the story was not taken from Rabindranath Tagore ?
1 Charulata
2 Ghare Baire
3 Postmaster
4 Devi

Answer: Devi
13 Adjacency is a
1 Ear Panel
2 Index
3 Morgue
4 Commercial break

Answer: Commercial break
14 Film positive used to produce dupe negatives from
1 Master print
2 Broad print
3 Linear print
4 Big print

Answer: Master print
15 In Radio without lap or pause called
1 sibilance
2 segue
3 simulcart
4 slip start

Answer: segue

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