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Mass Communication & Journalism Objective Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Mass Communication & Journalism MCQs Set 38

1 Bennet, Coleman & Co Vs. Union of India case in early 1970s deals with
1 Pre-censorship
2 Journalist wages
3 Editorial perspective
4 Newsprint policy

Answer:Newsprint policy
2 “Do you have it in you ?” is an ad slogan of
1 Indian Army
2 Censor Board
3 Coast Guards
4 Border Security Forces

Answer:Indian Army


3 ‘Stereotyping’ is an element of investigation in Representation Studies, which generally concentrate on two aspects : one is physical, i.e. semiotic; the other is intellectual which is known as :
1 Discourse Study
2 Content Study
3 Deconstruction Study
4 Post-structural study

Answer: Discourse Study
4 Story-telling is a part of
1 News-bound cultures
2 Culture-specific communication
3 Technology-driven communication
4 Mediated society

Answer: Culture-specific communication
5 Communication critics while discussing the ‘Public Sphere’, propounded by Hebarmas, further grouped public sphere into three broad categories. Which among the following is not in those three categories ?
1 Micro Public Sphere
2 Meso Public Sphere
3 Macro Public Sphere
4 Supra Public Sphere

Answer: Supra Public Sphere
6 Three-dimensional area around a microphone from within which sound is transmitted also referred to as
1 Polar Pattern
2 Direct pattern
3 Indirect pattern
4 Vertical pattern

Answer: Polar Pattern
7 Which Committee was constituted to study the law relating to Contempt of Court ?
1 Sarkaria Committee
2 Sawant Committee
3 Sanyal Committee
4 Verghese Committee

Answer: Sanyal Committee
8 Section 3 and 4 of Official Secrets Act, 1923 deal with
1 Spying
2 Wrong communication
3 Authorization
4 Use of material

Answer: Spying
9 The Second Press Commission describes ______ law as a “Tale of two interests”.
1 Contempt of Court
2 Freedom of Press
3 Sovereignty
4 Defamation

Answer: Defamation
10 In Radio parlance, Payola relates to
1 Disseminating breaking news
2 Transmitting special-audience programmes
3 Introduction of new broadcast format
4 Accepting money for playing songs

Answer: Transmitting special-audience programmes
11 Velocity microphone referred to as a
1 Omni directional microphone
2 Uni-directional microphone
3 Lapel microphone
4 Ribbon microphone

Answer:Ribbon microphone
12 The Government of India through an Act, prohibits any prejudicial publication of news and comments. Identify the Act from the following ?
1 The Defence Publication Act, 1968
2 The Civil Defence Act of 1968
3 The Legal Defence Act of 1968
4 The Judicial Defence Act of 1968

Answer: The Civil Defence Act of 1968
13 Theodore Newcomb’s symmetry Model of communication emphasizes on :
1 Cognitive consistency
2 Cognitive dissonance
3 Cognitive inconsistency
4 Cognitive unbalance

Answer: Cognitive consistency
14 Creative middle in a newspaper is popularly used in
1 Front page
2 Op-ed page
3 Edit page
4 Inside page

Answer: Edit page
15 If two contradictory view points are written in an intro of a news report, it is known as
1 1-2-3 lead
2 contrast lead
3 Question lead
4 Bullet lead

Answer: contrast lead

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