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Mass Communication & Journalism Objective Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Mass Communication & Journalism MCQs Set 45

1 Which one of the following is the free audio editing software ?
1 Audacity
3 Adobe Premiere
4 Picasa

2 A series of recorded audio episodes to which audience can subscribe is known as
1 Vodcast
2 Podcast
3 Sound forge
4 Voice-over Internet protocol



3 The major objective of a community radio station is
1 infotainment.
2 entertainment.
3 economic profit.
4 social inclusion.

Answer: social inclusion.
4 The specific items in a TV programme budget are called
1 essentials.
2 circular items.
3 line items.
4 recurring items.

Answer: recurring items.
5 Institutionalised stereotypes are referred to as
1 credibility indicators.
2 etiquettes.
3 myths.
4 customs.

Answer: myths.
6 “Everybody is doing”, a theme promoted through a media channel is known as
1 Band wagon.
2 Name calling.
3 Transfer.
4 Card-stacking.

Answer: Band wagon.
7 For a public relations practitioner, status difference is one of the main barriers in
1 mass communication.
2 intra-personal communication.
3 impersonal communication.
4 organizational communication.

Answer: organizational communication.
8 The four models of public relations describe the different forms of communication between an organisation and its stakeholders were developed by
1 Edward Bernays
2 Ivy Lee
3 Walter Lippman
4 James Gruing and Todd Hunt

Answer: James Gruing and Todd Hunt
9 Poster panel facing approaching traffic is referred to as _____.
1 Banners.
2 Head-on-site.
3 Flexography.
4 Display balloons.

Answer: Head-on-site.
10 Values and Life Style (VALS) classification was developed by
1 David Ogilvy.
2 Arnold Mitchell.
3 Philip Kotler.
4 Edward Bernays.

Answer: Arnold Mitchell.
11 The documentary, ‘Celluloid man’ is the life history of ______.
1 Shyam Benegal
2 Adur Gopalakrishnan
3 P.K. Nair
4 Girish Kasaravalli

Answer:P.K. Nair
12 Perfect TV of Japan is owned by
1 Graham Maxwell
2 Mukesh Ambani
3 Bill Gates
4 Rupert Murdoch

Answer: Rupert Murdoch
13 A cutline under a graphic illustration is popularly identified as
1 line cast
2 pictureline
3 legend
4 blackline

Answer: legend
14 Columbia pictures is owned by
1 Matsushita
2 Seagram
3 Sony
4 Samsung

Answer: Seagram
15 Events that change people’s lives are classified as _____.
1 Value
2 News
3 Lies
4 Intro

Answer: News

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