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Jainism MCQs | Jainism Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) & Answers

1 A Pagoda will be built in Bangladesh for which Buddhist teacher?
A Atisa
B Gautama Buddha
C Nagasena
D Ananda

Answer: Atisa
2 Mahachaitya Stupa, has the privilege of being the largest stupa (95 feet high) in India. It is situated in -
A Andhra Pradesh
B Madhya Pradesh
C Bihar
D Telanagana

Answer: Telanagana


3 Theravada is a branch associated with -
A Jainism
B Hinduism
C Buddhism
D Islam

Answer: Buddhism
4 Which of the following religion celebrates Das Lakshana?
A Christianity
B Buddhism
C Jainism
D Islam

Answer: Jainism
5 Which sect of Buddhism flourished in Ceylon?
A Mahayan
B Hinayan
C Vajrayana
D Mahayana and Hinayana equally flourished

Answer: Hinayan
6 The chatras on top of the Stupa represents
A Four Noble Truths
B Triratnas
C Eight fold path
D Nirvana

Answer: Triratnas
7 Who was the first teacher of Buddha?
A Ananda
B Uddaka
C Ramputta
D Alara Kalama

Answer: Alara Kalama
8 Which of the following incidences made Buddha renounce his worldly life? 1) Sight of an old man 2) Sight of corpse 3) Sight of a diseased person 4) Sight of a happy ascetic
A Only 2 and 3
B Only 1 and 2
C Only 1, 2 and 3
D All of the above

Answer: All of the above
9 What is the name of Buddha’s mother?
A Trishala
B Gautami
C Yasodhara
D Mahamaya

Answer: Mahamaya
10 Anuvrata is propagated in
A Jainism
B Mahayana Buddhism
C Hinayana Buddhism
D Vajrayana Buddhism

Answer: Jainism
11 Which of the following statement/s is/are correct regarding sects in Jainism? 1) The Shwetambaras were led by Bhadrabahu. 2) The Digambaras were led by Sthalabahu.
A Only 1
B Only 2
C Both 1 and 2
D None of the above

Answer: None of the above
12 Vardhaman Mahavira passed away at
A Pavapuri
B Kusinagar
C Mithila
D Vaishali

Answer: Pavapuri
13 In Buddhism who is referred to as Bodhisattava?
A He is most famous disciple of Buddha
B One who accumulate merit through their efforts to help others
C Gautama Buddha
D One who accumulate merit through their efforts and achieve nibbana

Answer: One who accumulate merit through their efforts to help others
14 In Jainism ‘tirthankaras’ mean
A God and the Supreme Being
B Those who guide men and women across the river of existence
C Conqueror of everything
D Those who know the ultimate truth and ultimate reality

Answer: Those who guide men and women across the river of existence.
15 The founder of Jainism is believed to be
A Parshvanatha
B Mahavira
C Rishabhadeva
D Ajitanatha

Answer: Rishabhadeva
16 Consider the following statements 1. First Buddhist council was held by king Ajatasatru 2. Moggaliputta Tissa presided over the council Which of the above statements is/are correct?
A Only 1
B Only 2
C Both
D None

Answer: Only 1
17 Which of the following pairs is correct? 1. First Council : Pataliputra 2. Second Council: Vaishali
A Only 1
B Only 2
C Both
D None

Answer: Only 1
18 What is the meaning of “Buddha“?
A Teacher
B Priest
C Enlightened
D Monks

Answer: Enlightened
19 Where the last sermon was delivered by Gautama Buddha?
A Kushinagar
B Vaishali
C Bodh Gaya
D Sarnath

Answer: Vaishali
20 Gautama Buddha Passed away in –
A 283 BC
B 383 BC
C 483 BC
D 583 BC

Answer: 483 BC

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