What is the Curreny of Afghanistan ?

Answer :

  • Currency of Afghanistan is 'Afghani'
  • Name of the Capital of Afghanistan is 'Kabul'

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A balkanize the Indian sub-continent
B keep India united if possible
C accept Jinnah’s demand for Pakistan
D persuade the Congress to accept partition

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A France and England
B England and Spain
C Malaysia and Singapore
D England and Belgium

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A Devi Lal
B G. B. Pant
C Morarji Desai
D Vallabhbhai Patel

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A 1974-79
B 1978-83
C 1980-85
D 1985-90

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A Chairman of Rajya Sabha
B Leader of the House (Lok Sabha)
C Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha
D President of India

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