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Music Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Indian Music Quiz Set 31

1 Zia - Fariduddin is an exponent of :
1 Tappa
2 Thumri
3 Khayal
4 Dhrupad

Answer: Dhrupad
2 According to Solfa-Notation-System’, ‘swaras’ are known as :
1 C D E F G A B
2 Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni
3 Do Re Me Fa Sol La Si
4 Sa Ri Re Ra Gi Ge Ga

Answer: Do Re Me Fa Sol La Si
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3 ‘Jafarkhani Baaj’ is established by :
1 Abdul Rahim
2 Abdul Halim
3 Abdul Vahid
4 Abdul Karim

Answer: Abdul Halim
4 According to Pt. Bhatkhande, the placement of ‘Shudh Re’ on the 36” wire of Veena is :
1 32”
2 34”
3 30”
4 28”

Answer: 32”
5 What is the order of ‘swaras’ in the structure of a ‘Thaat’ ?
1 Avrohatmaka
2 Aarohatmaka
3 Vakra
4 Arohatmaka and Avrohatmaka both

Answer: Aarohatmaka
6 What will be the singing order of swaras for bracketed (Pa), according to Bhatkhande’s Notation system ?
1 Pa, Dha, Ma, Pa
2 Dha, Pa, Ma, Pa
3 Dha, Ma, Dha, Pa
4 Pa, Ma, Dha, Pa

Answer: Pa, Ma, Dha, Pa
7 Point out the common feature which is similar in Bhatkhande and Paluskar Notation system both :
1 Sign to show ‘Avagraha’
2 Sign to show ‘Khali’
3 Sign to show ‘Tali’
4 Writing ‘Shudha swaras’ of ‘Madhya - saptak’

Answer: Writing ‘Shudha swaras’ of ‘Madhya - saptak’
8 Which of the following phrase belongs to Razakhani Gat ?
1 Da Dir Da Ra Da
2 Dir Da Dir Da Ra Da
3 Da Dir Dir Dir Da- R,Da -R Da
4 Dir Da Ra Da Ra Dir

Answer: Da Dir Dir Dir Da- R,Da -R Da
9 Choose the correct sequence :
1 Gulam Abbas, Faiaz Khan, D.T. Joshi
2 Latafat Hussain Khan, Nisar Hussain Khan, Amir Khan
3 Gulam Mustafa Khan, Mustaq Hussain Khan, Rajab Ali Khan
4 Natthu Khan, Rashid Khan, Amir Khan

Answer: Gulam Abbas, Faiaz Khan, D.T. Joshi
10 Who is not the Sarod player of the following ?
1 Buddhadev Das Gupta
2 Amjad Ali Khan
3 Ilias Khan
4 Umar Khan

Answer: Ilias Khan
11 Choose the correct code :

Assertion (A) : Marwa is a Sandhiprakash Raga.

Reason (R) :In Marwa Re is Komal and Dha is Suddha.

Code :
1 Both (A) and (R) are correct
2 Both (A) and (R) are wrong
3 (A) is correct but (R) is wrong
4 (A) is wrong but (R) is correct

Answer: Both (A) and (R) are correct
12 Misri Singh was famous for :
1 Rabab player
2 Sursingar player
3 Rudra Vina player
4 Vichitra Vina player

Answer: Rudra Vina player
13 Which Raga does not belongs to Kalyan Thata ?
1 Shyam Kalyan
2 Suddha Kalyan
3 Kedar
4 Bihag

Answer: Bihag
14 Which folk song is not belongs to Bengal ?
1 Sari Gan
2 Jhumur Gan
3 Bihu
4 Jari Gan

Answer: Bihu
15 Who introduced the instrument ‘Vichitra Vina’ to the Indian Music ?
1 Abdul Aziz Khan
2 Abdul Karim Khan
3 Jafar Khan
4 Umrao Khan

Answer: Abdul Aziz Khan

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