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Music Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Indian Music Quiz Set 48

1 Rabindranath was honoured by Mahatma Gandhi with a title of ‘________’.
1 Mahakavi
2 Rashtrakavi
3 Guruji
4 Gurudev

Answer: Gurudev
2 ‘Phule Phule Dhole Dhole…’ song was composed by Tagore following which English song among these ?
1 Ye banks and braes of Bonnie
2 The bee is to come
3 Darling, you are growing old
4 The British Grenadiers

Answer: Ye banks and braes of Bonnie
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3 Rabindra Sangeet is mostly composed in which notation system ?
1 Dand Matrik Swaralipi System
2 Vishnu Digambar Swaralipi System
3 Aakar Matrik Swaralipi System
4 None of them

Answer: Aakar Matrik Swaralipi System
4 Which song is not a ‘Baul’ based Rabindra composition ?
1 Anando Loke Mangala Loke
2 O Amar Man Jakhan Jagli Na Re
3 Jodi Tor Dak Sune Keu Na Aase
4 Amar Praner Manus

Answer: Anando Loke Mangala Loke
5 Which song is based on ‘Teental’ among the following ?
1 Janoni Tomar Karuno Charano Khani
2 Eso Shyamolo Sundaro
3 Prathamo Adi Tabo
4 Darun Agni Bane Re

Answer: Eso Shyamolo Sundaro
6 Which song was composed by Rabindranath on the death of his father ?
1 Chalo Jai Chalo
2 Kon Alote Praner Pradeep
3 Parobasi Chale Aaso Ghare
4 Moron Sagaro Pare

Answer: Kon Alote Praner Pradeep
7 Which song has described the philosophy of death in Tagore’s ‘Bhanu Singher Padavali’ ?
1 Aaj Sakhi Muhu Muhu
2 Ohe Dayamay
3 Marano Re Tuhu Mamo
4 Sawano Gagane

Answer: Marano Re Tuhu Mamo
8 Who is the writer of “Mridang Sagar” ?
1 Ghanshyam Das
2 Purushottam Das
3 Ram Das
4 Shyam Das

Answer: Ghanshyam Das
9 Which instrument is traditionally used to accompany Veena ?
1 Pakhawaj
2 Tabla
3 Dholak
4 Tawil

Answer: Pakhawaj
10 Which Taal Vadya is used in Haveli Sangit ?
1 Mridang
2 Tabla
3 Dholak
4 Naal

Answer: Mridang
11 Where is 13 Divasiya Sangeet Programme organised ?
1 Pune
2 Ahmedabad
3 Banaras
4 Dharvad

Answer: Ahmedabad
12 Which pair (father and son) is not suitable ?
1 Maseet Khan – Karamatullah Khan
2 Wazid Hussain – Aafaque Hussain
3 Kanthe Maharaj – Kishan Maharaj
4 Allahrakha – Zakir Hussain

Answer: Kanthe Maharaj – Kishan Maharaj
13 In which taal Farmaisi Chakkardar of Aada Chautal can be used as a Sadharan Chakkadar without any change ?
1 Jhap Taal
2 Rudra Taal
3 Pancham Sawari
4 Teen Taal

Answer: Jhap Taal
14 The first Tabla player recipient of Padmabushan Award
1 Pt. Shamta Prasad Mishra
2 Ud. Allahrakha
3 Ud. Ahamad Jan Thirkava
4 Ud. Habibuddin

Answer: Ud. Ahamad Jan Thirkava
15 A matchless Tabla artists in playing ‘Nachkaran”
1 Abid Hussain
2 Allahrakha
3 Kanthe Maharaj
4 Anokhe Lal Mishra

Answer: Abid Hussain

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