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Music Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Indian Music Quiz Set 53

1 Basic thing about Echo is
1 Refraction of Sound
2 Reflection of Sound
3 Diffraction of Sound
4 Interference of Sound

Answer: Reflection of Sound
2 Which of the following ragas can not be included in modern That-Paddhati by Bhatkhande ?
1 Gopica-Basant
2 Sorat
3 Neelambari
4 Madhuwanti

Answer: Madhuwanti
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ADRE 2.0 Mock Test - 5 Start Test


3 Studies in Indian Music and Allied Arts’, in 5 vols. authored by whom ?
1 Padma Iyar
2 Leela Omchery
3 Indrani Chakroborty
4 Premlata Sharma

Answer: Leela Omchery
4 Death Year of Thakur Jaidev Singh is
1 26th May, 1986
2 27th May, 1986
3 26th June, 1986
4 27th June, 1986

Answer: 27th May, 1986
5 The root of Modern That-Rata classification is found in the treatise
1 Raga- Vibodh
2 Raga-Manjari
3 Raga-Mala
4 Raga-Tarangini

Answer: Raga-Tarangini
6 Name the material that has not been developed in ancient India for writing manuscripts.
1 Palm leave
2 Bark leave
3 Brass (copper leaves)
4 Paper

Answer: Paper
7 Research on a Granth or on a manuscript is known as
1 Scientific
2 Experimental
3 Historical
4 Survey

Answer: Historical
8 What is the first essential step for research ?
1 Synopsis
2 Matter collection
3 Selection of problem
4 Data selection

Answer: Selection of problem
9 In Ashram education system, ritual perform by the teacher for taught was named as
1 Jatakaram
2 Upanayan
3 Karanbhed
4 Annaprashan

Answer: Upanayan
10 Dhruvagitis were sung for
1 Social function
2 Worship of God
3 Social function
4 Professional work

Answer: Social function
11 Name of the first singer of Gurubani is
1 Guru Nanak Dev
2 Guru Arjun Dev
3 Guru Ramdas
4 Guru Gobind Singh

Answer: Guru Nanak Dev
12 Name of book in which Helmholes, a German author has propound his concept regarding production, expansion and receiving of sound.
1 Science and Music
2 The Psychology of Society
3 Sensation of Tone
4 The Music of India

Answer: Sensation of Tone
13 Choose the correct sequence.
1 Scripter, Transcripter, Publisher, Editor
2 Transcripter, Publisher, Editor, Scripter
3 Scripter, Transcripter, Editor, Publisher
4 Editor, Publisher, Scripter, Transcripter

Answer: Scripter, Transcripter, Editor, Publisher
14 Name the young artist who has not composed any fusion music by using Western music.
1 Rahul Sharma
2 Niladri Kumar
3 Braj Narayan
4 Abhijit Pohankar

Answer: Braj Narayan
15 Which Raga is not matching with Kalyan Anga ?
1 Shyam Kalyan
2 Shuddha Kalyan
3 Gorakh Kalyan
4 Pooriya Kalyan

Answer: Gorakh Kalyan

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