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Political Science Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Political Science Quiz Set 12

1 The House of Lords in Great Britain is mainly retained because
1 It is as important as the House of Commons.
2 It plays an important role of checks and balances.
3 It acts as a judicial court.
4 It is maintained as an institution.

Answer:It is maintained as an institution.
2 The growth of judicial power over the last one hundred years in liberal democracies have taken place because
1 The constitutions have given the judiciary more powers.
2 Acceptance of the theory of separation of powers.
3 The U.N. Directives.
4 Protect Human Rights.

Answer:Protect Human Rights.
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3 Environmental Green parties originated from
1 Breakaway from main stream political parties.
2 Pressure of public opinion
3 Emergence of a planetary consciousness
4 New social movements

Answer:New social movements
4 Duverger’s theory asserts that a two party system emerges in a
1 representational parliamentary system.
2 homogeneous political order.
3 welfare state
4 a majoritarian parliamentary system.

Answer: a majoritarian parliamentary system.
5 The first use of the concept of political culture was made by
1 Gabriel Almond
2 G. Bingham Powell, Jr.
3 Karl Deutseh
4 Lucian Pye

Answer:Gabriel Almond
6 “India since 1989 has witnessed fewer abuses of power by Prime Ministers than the United Kingdom experienced under either Margaret Thatcher or Tony Blair”. Whose statement is this ?
1 Atul Kohli
2 Granville Austin
3 James Manor
4 Christophe Jafferlot

Answer:James Manor
7 Which one of the following orientations is not a part of the basic types of political culture ?
1 Cognitive orientations
2 Affective orientations
3 Evaluative orientations
4 Individual orientations

Answer: Individual orientations
8 The progressive comparativists in political development do not emphasize in one of the following :
1 Under development
2 Dependency
3 Imperialism
4 Modernization

9 Who describes Indian federation as a “holding together federation and not a ‘coming together federation” ?
1 P. Bardhan
2 R.L. Watts
3 Douglas Verney
4 D.D. Basu

Answer:P. Bardhan
10 The Theory of Modernization and decay is formulated by
1 Rostow
2 Pye
3 Huntington
4 Lipset

Answer: Huntington
11 Which of the following is not an essential prerequisite for making elitism compatible with democracy in Schumpeter ?
1 The calibre of politicians must be high.
2 Mandal Commission
3 Competition is to take place within a relatively restricted range.
4 A well organised party system.

Answer:A well organised party system.
12 Beliefs and symbols are the distinctive features of the notion of authority in
1 Marx
2 Parsons
3 Verba
4 Weber

Answer: Weber
13 Who among the following was the first to advance the idea of worker’s participation in management ?
1 Henry Fayol
2 Herbert Simon
3 F.W. Taylor
4 Mary Parker Follet

Answer:Mary Parker Follet
14 Who among the following has criticized classical theory as ‘homely proverbs, myths, slogans and pompous identities’ ?
1 W.F. Willougbhy
2 Luther Gulick
3 Henri Fayol
4 Herbert Simon

Answer:Herbert Simon
15 Regarding the Interim Government of 1946, which of the following is not correct ?
1 Jawaharlal Nehru was the Prime Minister/Head of the Executive Council.
2 Jawaharlal Nehru was designated as the Vice-President of the Viceroy’s Executive Council.
3 The Viceroy continued to be the Head of the Executive Council.
4 The members of the Interim Government were members of viceroy’s Executive Council.

Answer:Jawaharlal Nehru was the Prime Minister/Head of the Executive Council.

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