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Political Science Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Political Science Quiz Set 2

1 Who among the following described political development as “administrative and legal development” ?
1 Paul Baron.
2 James S. Coleman.
3 Edward Shills.
4 Max Weber.

Answer:Max Weber
2 Which of the following was not a feature of the Government of India Act, 1919 ?
1 Provision for a bicameral legislature at the centre.
2 The Legislative Assembly would have an elected majority and control over ministers.
3 Communal representation was not only retained but extended.
4 Enlarged the electorates both for provinces and emperial legislature.

Answer:The Legislative Assembly would have an elected majority and control over ministers.
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3 Who amongst the following provided a link between pre and post independence institutional framework to study Indian politics ?
1 Rajni Kothari
2 Myron Weiner
3 Morries Jones
4 Paul R. Brass

Answer: Morries Jones
4 Which of the following is not true about the amendment of the Constitution under Article 368 ?
1 The Bill may be introduced in either House of Parliament.
2 The Bill must be passed by special majority (2/3RD present and voting and more than 50% of the total membership).
3 In case of disagreement between the Houses joint sitting may be called
4 Contract does not put an end to the Law of Nature

Answer: In case of disagreement between the Houses joint sitting may be called
5 Which article of the Indian Constitution empower the Parliament to make provisions for a contingency when the offices of both the President and the Vice-President fall vacant by reasons of death, resignation, removal or otherwise ?
1 Article 123
2 Article 72
3 Article 70
4 Article 58

Answer:Article 70
6 “India since 1989 has witnessed fewer abuses of power by Prime Ministers than the United Kingdom experienced under either Margaret Thatcher or Tony Blair”. Whose statement is this ?
1 Atul Kohli
2 Granville Austin
3 James Manor
4 Christophe Jafferlot

Answer:James Manor
7 Who of the following regard the Supreme Court of India as having a dual personality - a legal institution and a public institution ?
1 Granville Austin
2 Upendra Baxi
3 Madhav Khosla and Ananth Padmanabhan
4 N. Robinson

Answer:Madhav Khosla and Ananth Padmanabhan
8 Who calls Election Commission of India as an effective ‘bulwork of free and fair elections’ ?
1 Alistair McMillan
2 Lloyd and Susanne Rudolph
3 R.P. Bhalla
4 M. Katju

Answer:Lloyd and Susanne Rudolph
9 Who describes Indian federation as a “holding together federation and not a ‘coming together federation” ?
1 P. Bardhan
2 R.L. Watts
3 Douglas Verney
4 D.D. Basu

Answer:P. Bardhan
10 Which committee on Panchayati Raj in India takes of three phases : “The phase of ascendency The phase of stagnation and The phase of decline” ?
1 Sadiq Ali
2 L.M. Singhvi
3 Asoka Mehta
4 B.R. Mehta

Answer: Sadiq Ali
11 Which one of the following Commissions was not related to Backward Classes ?
1 Bakshi Commission
2 Mandal Commission
3 Havnoor Commission
4 Shah Commission

Answer:Shah Commission
12 “If Hume and other English liberals hoped to use Congress as a safety-valve, the Congress leaders hoped to use Hume as a lightening-conductor”. Who said this ?
1 S.R. Mehrotra
2 Sumit Sarkar
3 Bipan Chandra
4 Tapan Raychaudhuri

Answer: Bipan Chandra
13 Who among the following was the first to advance the idea of worker’s participation in management ?
1 Henry Fayol
2 Herbert Simon
3 F.W. Taylor
4 Mary Parker Follet

Answer:Mary Parker Follet
14 Who among the following has criticized classical theory as ‘homely proverbs, myths, slogans and pompous identities’ ?
1 W.F. Willougbhy
2 Luther Gulick
3 Henri Fayol
4 Herbert Simon

Answer:Herbert Simon
15 Who among the following said that behaviour in administration should be studied through psychoanalysis ?
1 Alex Bavelas
2 Orway Tead
3 Abraham Maslow
4 Chester Banard

Answer:Abraham Maslow

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