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Political Science Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Political Science Quiz Set 20

1 Which of the following is not a technique to exercise National Power ?
1 Diplomacy
2 Economic state craft
3 Use of military force
4 To join a world organisation

Answer: To join a world organisation
2 Which one of the following can be regarded as the currency of power ?
1 Food
2 Nuclear Weapons
3 Industrial Capacity
4 Military Preparedness

Answer:Nuclear Weapons
3 Who was of opinion that, “the end of cold war represented the victory of ideal state”, and liberal capitalism ?
1 Michael Doyle
2 Thomas Dunne
3 Francis Fukuyama
4 Samuel Huntington

Answer:Francis Fukuyama
4 Which of the following article of charter of United Nations provides that “all the members of the UN undertake to make available to the security council, on its call and in accordance with special agreements, armed forces, assistance and facilities, including rights of passage, necessary for the purpose of maintaining international peace and security”.
1 Article 41
2 Article 42
3 Article 43
4 Article 44

Answer: Article 43
5 Machiavelli is regarded as the first modern political thinker because of :
1 Separation of ethics and religion from politics.
2 Forerunner of nation state.
3 Represented the spirit of renaissance.
4 Subordination of Church to state.

Answer:Separation of ethics and religion from politics.
6 Which one of the following statements of Hobbes was wrong ?
1 State of Nature was pre-political and pre-social.
2 Sovereign was a party to the contract.
3 Human nature was dominated by acquisitive instinct, possessive instinct and love of glory.
4 Man in the state of Nature was ‘solitary, nasty, brutish and short’.

Answer: Sovereign was a party to the contract.
7 “Man must eat before he thinks. To eat he must produce. Production is a basic activity”. Who said this ?
1 Mao
2 Rosa Luxumburg
3 Luis Althusser
4 Karl Marx

Answer:Karl Marx
8 Which of the following thinkers held the view that “ the probable mischiefs of obedience are less than the probable mischiefs of resistence”.
1 J.S. Mill
2 James Mill
3 Bentham
4 Black stone

9 Who presided over the All Party Conference (1928) ?
1 Pt. Motilal Nehru
2 Dr. M.A. Ansari
3 Madan Mohan Malviya
4 C.R. Das

Answer: Dr. M.A. Ansari
10 Which of the following pairs showing the state and dominant caste is not correct ?
1 Punjab - Jat Sikh
2 Rajasthan - Rajput
3 Kerala - Velma
4 Karnataka - Lingayat

Answer: Kerala - Velma
11 Who among following classifies regional movements in India in terms of “ethnic” and “nativist” movements ?
1 Sajal Basu
2 Myron Weiner
3 James Manor
4 Rob Jenkivs

Answer:Myron Weiner
12 When was Inter-State Council under Article 263 of the constitution of India set up in India ?
1 1961
2 1972
3 1990
4 1998

Answer: 1990
13 Since when consensus has emerged in India that the post of Deputy Speaker should go to opposition party ?
1 1984
2 1989
3 1996
4 2001

14 Which one of the following Acts has been made under Article 34 of the Indian Constitution ?
1 The Army Act
2 The Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA)
3 The Border Security Force Act
4 The Navy Act

Answer:The Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA)
15 Which of the following statements is not correct ?
1 The U.S. House of Representatives is weaker than the British House of Commons.
2 The House of Representatives is weaker than Senate
3 U.S. Executive is not accountable to U.S. Legislature.
4 The House of Representatives has overshadowed the American senate.

Answer:The House of Representatives has overshadowed the American senate.

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