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Political Science Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Political Science Quiz Set 23

1 Who among the following compares the organisations of civil society to a powerful system of ‘Fortresses and earthworks’ standing behind the state ?
1 McLellan
2 Bernstein
3 Lenin
4 Gramsci

2 Which one of the following social contract traditions has not been revitalised by John Rawls in his book A Theory of Justice ?
1 Hobbes
2 John Locke
3 J.J. Rousseau
4 Immanuel Kant

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3 Who among the following said that Bhakti in religion may be a road to the salvation of the soul. But in politics, Bhakti or hero worship is a sure road to degradation and eventual dictatorship ?
1 Jayaprakash Narayan
2 M.N. Roy
3 B.R. Ambedkar
4 Savarkar

Answer:B.R. Ambedkar
4 Who said, ‘therefore, the sword of Brutus is holy. Therefore the Baghanakha of Shivaji is of fair fame. Therefore, the beheading of Charles I is a just deed. Therefore the arrow of William Tell is divine ?
1 M. N. Roy
2 Subhas Chandra Bose
3 Aurobindo Ghose
4 V.D. Savarkar

Answer:V.D. Savarkar
5 Which one of the following is not a feature of Easton’s intellectual foundation stones of behaviouralism ?
1 Regularities
2 Values
3 Pure Science
4 Stratification

6 Which one of the following is not a factor, for Fukuyama, leading to the triumph of liberal democracy ?
1 The struggle for ‘recognition’.
2 The logic of science’s mastery over nature.
3 The absence of major contradictions in liberal democracy.
4 The triumph of liberalism is more in terms of economics than ideologies.

Answer:The triumph of liberalism is more in terms of economics than ideologies.
7 Who among the following makes a distinction between system maintenance and system persistence ?
1 Gabriel Almond
2 David Easton
3 Lucian Pye
4 F.W. Riggs

Answer:David Easton
8 “We are under the Constitution, but the constitution is what the Judges say it is “. Besides U.S.A. to which one of the following countries can this be applicable ?
1 Switzerland
2 India
3 U.K.
4 Russia

9 Who among the following has written “The Federalist Papers “ ?
1 B. Anderson
2 C. Reynoldes
3 James Madison
4 Theodor Andorno

Answer:James Madison
10 Who among the following argued that “ The belief in the principle of authority is the only reliable means of securing order” .
1 Joseph de Maistre
2 Max Weber
3 Friedrich Nietzsche
4 Giovanni Gentile

Answer:Joseph de Maistre
11 Who among the following has argued that the electoral system determines the nature of the party system ?
1 Duverger
2 Mitchels
3 Schumpeter
4 Weber

12 Who is the First Law Officer of the Government of India ?
1 Chief Justice of India
2 Law Secretary
3 Solicitor - General of India
4 Attorney - General of India

Answer:Attorney - General of India
13 Which one of the following cannot be dissolved but can be abolished ?
1 Lok Sabha
2 Rajya Sabha
3 State Legislative Council
4 State Legislative Assembly

Answer:State Legislative Council
14 The maximum period of the President ‘s Rule in a state under Article 356 can be :
1 One year
2 Two year
3 Three year
4 Four year

Answer: Three year
15 Which of the following is not a condition for Parliament to legislate on the subjects mentioned in the State List ?
1 If Lok Sabha decides that a subject mentioned in state list is of national importances
2 If two or more states assemblies pass a resolution to such an effect
3 If a state of Emergency is declared
4 If a treaty with a foreign country has to be put into effect

Answer:If Lok Sabha decides that a subject mentioned in state list is of national importances

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