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Political Science Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Political Science Quiz Set 29

1 Which of the following is not a feature of Jayaprakash Narayan’s partyless democracy ?
1 Dispersal of political power
2 Constant watch of the representatives by the electing bodies
3 Maximum propaganda
4 Comparatively less expensive elections

Answer:Maximum propaganda
2 Who of the following advocated economic theory of democracy ?
1 J. Lively
2 C.B. Macpherson
3 Anthony Downs
4 D. Held

Answer:Anthony Downs
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3 Comparative politics as an autonomous discipline emerged
1 in the 1970s
2 in the 1960s
3 in the 1950s
4 in the 1930s

Answer:in the 1930s
4 Who among the following has used the concepts of goal changing, feedback and learning ?
1 David Easton
2 Karl Deutsch
3 Gabriel Almond
4 Lucian Pye

Answer:Karl Deutsch
5 The cultural thrust in comparative politics became prominent during
1 the 1950s
2 the 1960s
3 the early 1970s
4 the late 1970s

Answer:the 1960s
6 Riots and demonstrations are the examples of
1 Institutional interest groups
2 Associational interest groups
3 Non-associational interest groups
4 Anomic interest groups

Answer: Anomic interest groups
7 Who among the following has defined legitimacy as “conviction on the part of the member that it is right and proper to accept and obey the authorities” ?
1 David Easton
2 Seymour Lipset
3 Mark Suchman
4 Karl Friedrich

Answer: David Easton
8 Who among the following has classified dependency into ‘Colonial dependency’, ‘Financial-industrial dependency’ and ‘Technological-industrial dependency’ ?
1 Andre Gunder Frank
2 Dos Santos
3 Maurice Wallerstein
4 Samir Amin

Answer:Dos Santos
9 Who said, “Revolutions are the festivals of the oppressed and the exploited” ?
1 Karl Marx
2 Lenin
3 Mao
4 Skocpol

10 Khilafat Movement in India was started to show solidarity with the Sultan of
1 Saudi Arabia
2 Turkey
3 Iran
4 Iraq

11 Which one of the following writs is issued against an inferior tribunal which has declined to exercise its jurisdiction ?
1 Certiorari
2 Prohibition
3 Quo Warranto
4 Mandamus

12 Who was the protem speaker of the 16th Lok Sabha ?
1 Sumitra Mahajan
2 Meira Kumar
3 Kamal Nath
4 L.K. Advani

Answer:Kamal Nath
13 Who of the following is associated with the concept “Congress System” ?
1 Morris Jones
2 Paul R. Brass
3 Rajni Kothari
4 Subrata K. Mitra

Answer:Rajni Kothari
14 In India, ‘Collegium System’ was first introduced in relation to
1 Executive
2 Legislature
3 Judiciary
4 Union-State Relations

15 Which one of the following does not qualify for curtailing the freedom of speech and expression under Indian Constitution ?
1 Security of the state
2 Public order, decency, morality
3 Demand for autonomy
4 Contempt of Court

Answer:Demand for autonomy

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