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Political Science Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Political Science Quiz Set 3

1 The Hawthorne experiments belong to the era of :
1 Mid 1930’s
2 Late 1930’s
3 Early1920’s
4 Late 1920’s

Answer:Late 1920’s
2 Who among the following described bureaucracy as “The continental nuisance” ?
1 Max Weber
2 Thomas Carlyle
3 M. Crozier
4 Karl Marx

Answer:Thomas Carlyle
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ADRE 2.0 Mock Test - 5 Start Test


3 ‘Unity of Command’ means :
1 That the subordinate will have only one supervisor.
2 That the subordinate will have more than one supervisor.
3 That all the units are put under one head.
4 That the work is divided among all the subordinates.

Answer:That the work is divided among all the subordinates.
4 The Governor of a state in his capacity as Administrator of an adjoining Union Territory discharges his functions independently of :
1 The President of India
2 The Union Cabienet
3 The Union Home Minister
4 The State Council of Ministers

Answer:The State Council of Ministers
5 After independence, the role of the District Magistrate has undergone a substantial change mainly due to :
1 Political awakening
2 The role of mass media
3 Democratic decentralisation
4 Periodical elections

Answer:Democratic decentralisation
6 The report ‘Right to Information : Master key to Good Governance’ was submitted by :
1 The Sarkaria Commission
2 Punchhi Commission
3 First Administrative Reforms Commission
4 Second Administrative Reforms Commission

Answer:Second Administrative Reforms Commission
7 Which one of the following Commissions/Committees/Thinkers has identified 27 modes of corruption ?
1 Kautilya
2 Vohra Committee
3 Santhanam Committee
4 Central Vigilance Commission

Answer:Central Vigilance Commission
8 The Joint Consultative Machinery in India was established on the recommendation of :
1 Fisrt Pay Commission
2 Second Pay Commission
3 First Administrative Reforms Commission
4 Paul Appleby Report

Answer:Second Pay Commission
9 Which of the following Commissions/Committees has identified ‘weak governance’ as the main reason for corruption in India ?
1 First Administrative Reforms Commission
2 Second Administrative Reforms Commission
3 Vohra Committee
4 Santhanam Committee

Answer:Second Administrative Reforms Commission
10 Which one of the following is the sequential order of the following states becoming acknowledged nuclear powers ?
1 America, Britain, Soviet Union, France and China
2 America, Soviet Union, France, Britain and China
3 Soviet Union, America, Britain, China and France
4 America, Soviet Union, Britain, France and China

Answer: America, Soviet Union, Britain, France and China
11 Which Chapter of the United Nations deals with the ‘Pacific Settlement of Disputes’ ?
1 Chapter II
2 Chapter III
3 Chapter IV
4 Chapter I

Answer:Chapter I
12 India has signed strategic partnership agreements with :
1 France, Russia, Iran and South Africa
2 China, America, Britain and Argentina
3 ASEAN, Japan, Australia and Tanzania
4 Vietnam, Seychelles, Mongolia and Singapore

Answer:Vietnam, Seychelles, Mongolia and Singapore
13 Who have argued that far from an objective reality, international politics is a ‘World of our making’ ?
1 Realists
2 Feminists
3 Idealists
4 Constructivists

14 Neo Liberals, from their Lockean Universe Seek to create international regimes that optimize the :
1 Rational exploitation of nature
2 Rational functioning of the state system
3 Rational application of power
4 Rational utilisation of weapons

Answer: Rational exploitation of nature
15 Democratic peace theory has been largely associated with the writings of :
1 Immanuel Kant and Voltaire
2 Michael Doyle and Bruce Russett
3 Thomas Christensen and Thomas Schelling
4 Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru

Answer:Michael Doyle and Bruce Russett

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