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Political Science Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Political Science Quiz Set 30

1 Which one of the following, bearing names of Chief Election Commissioners of India, is arranged in chronological order ?
1 S.P. Sen Verma, Sukumar Sen, J.M. Lyngdoh, T.N. Seshan
2 Sukumar Sen, S.P. Sen Verma, T.N. Seshan, J.M. Lyngdoh
3 S.P. Sen Verma, T.N. Seshan, Sukumar Sen, J.M. Lyngdoh
4 Sukumar Sen, T.N. Seshan, S.P. Sen Verma, J.M. Lyngdoh

Answer:Sukumar Sen, S.P. Sen Verma, T.N. Seshan, J.M. Lyngdoh
2 Which one of the following statements about the disadvantages of territorial principle of administrative organization is wrong ?
1 Not suitable for large areas
2 Uniformity of administration becomes difficult
3 Encourages localism
4 Dominated by regional interests

Answer:Not suitable for large areas
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3 Which one of the following was not a substitute of Merit System found earlier ?
1 Exchange System
2 Spoils System
3 Sale of Offices
4 Patronage System

Answer: Exchange System
4 What is the bill called that contains all the demands voted by the Lok Sabha and the consolidated fund charges ?
1 The Appropriation Bill
2 Voting of Demands Bill
3 Fiscal Policy Bill
4 The Finance Bill

Answer: The Appropriation Bill
5 Money received by the government of India under the State Provident Fund is credited to
1 Consolidated Fund
2 Treasury
3 Public Account
4 Contingency Fund

Answer:Public Account
6 Arrange the following in correct chronological order of the hierarchy of human needs given by Maslow :
1 Security – Social – Self-esteem – Biological – Self-actualization
2 Self-esteem – Social – Biological – Self-actualization – Security
3 Self-actualization – Self-esteem – Social – Security – Biological
4 Biological – Security – Social –– Self-esteem – Self-actualization

Answer:Biological – Security – Social –– Self-esteem – Self-actualization
7 In UK, merit-based recruitment was adopted on the recommendation of which report ?
1 Fulton Committee Report
2 Northcote – Trevelyan Report
3 Redcliff – Maud Commission Report
4 Tomlin Commission Report

Answer:Northcote – Trevelyan Report
8 Which one of the following was not included in the minimum criteria for ensuring good national governance by Nayef Al-Rodhan in his book ‘Sustainable History and Dignity of Man’ ?
1 Equity and Inclusiveness
2 Rule of Law
3 A system of checks and balances
4 Transparency

Answer: A system of checks and balances
9 Regarding the liability of holders of public office, when an official fails to perform a legal duty, it is known as
1 Malfeasance
2 Nonfeasance
3 Disfeasance
4 Misfeasance

10 Game theory owes a heavy debt to the seminal work entitled, “The Theory of Games and Economic Behaviour”. It has been written by
1 Mortan Kaplan
2 John Von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern
3 Karl Deutsch
4 Michael Hass

Answer:John Von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern
11 Who among the following has remarked that, power in a political context means “the power of man over the minds and actions of other men” ?
1 George Schwarzenberger
2 Herman Heller
3 Hans Morgenthau
4 Bertrand Russell

Answer:Hans Morgenthau
12 Which one of the following factors contributed to the emergence of ‘New Detente’ after Cold War ?
1 Pressure by the Non-aligned Movement
2 The signing of INF Treaty by Reagan and Gorbachev.
3 Emergence of Namibia as a free African Nation
4 Deployment of RDF (Rapid Deployment Force) in Persian Gulf

Answer:The signing of INF Treaty by Reagan and Gorbachev.
13 The demand for New International Economic Order was first made at
1 Tehran Summit
2 Durban Summit
3 Kuala Lumpur Summit
4 Algiers Summit

Answer:Algiers Summit
14 Which one of the following is not correct about Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) ?
1 First India ASEAN Summit was held in November, 2002.
2 ASEAN declared South East Asian Nuclear Weapon free zone in 1995.
3 ASEAN is working to remove trade barriers and develop economic relationship with China, Japan and South Korea.
4 India became full dialogue partner of ASEAN in 1991.

Answer: India became full dialogue partner of ASEAN in 1991.
15 Who among the following used the phrase – The United Nations is ‘sharing in the name of solidarity’ for underlining the necessity of the U.N. ?
1 Winston Churchill
2 Dag Hammarskjold
3 Trygve Lie
4 Woodrow Wilson

Answer: Dag Hammarskjold

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