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Political Science Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Political Science Quiz Set 7

1 How did Gandhi describe himself ?
1 Philosophical Anarchist
2 Liberal democrat
3 Social Democrat
4 Communist

Answer:Philosophical Anarchist
2 New Institutionalism emphasises on :
1 Institutions rather than individuals
2 A balance between institutions and individuals
3 A group theory in politics
4 Economics dominates over politics

Answer: Institutions rather than individuals
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3 Easton described his drastic revision in political science in 1969 as :
1 Counter Reformation
2 Genuine Revolution
3 Correction to earlier studies
4 Abandoning his own earlier research

Answer:Genuine Revolution
4 The essential framework of liberal political economy was provided by :
1 Locke
2 Hume
3 Montesquieu
4 Smith

5 What has mainly accounted for the evolution of the unwritten constitution of Great Britain ?
1 The British practice of following continuity and change peacefully
2 The British acceptance of conventions as sacred as law but not enforceable in courts
3 The British belief that the ‘King can do no wrong’
4 The common law tradition in Britain

Answer:The common law tradition in Britain
6 In which country the practice of ‘once a speaker always a speaker’ is followed ?
2 UK
3 India
4 Switzerland

7 The Supreme Court’s right to judicial review was first established in :
2 India
3 France
4 Switzerland

Answer: USA
8 In which of the following countries individual citizen’s rights have developed by the significant intervention of the judiciary :
1 Switzerland
2 U.K
3 U.S.A
4 France

Answer: U.S.A
9 Political Socialization deals with :
1 Process of formulating political ideas
2 Career planning and political socialization
3 Elaborating the theories of Durkheim
4 Elaborating the theories of Weber

Answer:Process of formulating political ideas
10 Subject - participatory culture was associated with :
1 Erstwhile communist regimes
2 Fascist regimes
3 Post Colonial Societies
4 Non Ideological dictatorships

Answer:Erstwhile communist regimes
11 Who has commented that politics is about diversity and conflict and the essential ingredient of its existence is scarcity ?
1 Leftwich
2 Lasswell
3 Crick
4 Millett

12 Huntington criticizes the modernization theory for not taking into account :
1 Presence of several competing value systems or cultures in traditional society
2 The difference between base and superstructure
3 The question of leadership
4 Overdeveloped nature of modernizing nations

Answer:Presence of several competing value systems or cultures in traditional society
13 Who among the following provided an economic approach to elitism ?
1 Pareto
2 Mosca
3 Mills
4 Burnham

14 According to whom the Indian Constitution aimed at the tripartite goal of national unity, democracy and social revolution as three distinct strands interwoven into a “seamless web” ?
1 W.H. Morris Jones
2 Rajni Kothari
3 Granville Austin
4 Sunil Khilnani

Answer:Granville Austin
15 Once approved by Parliament for how long can the proclamation of financial emergency remain in operation ?
1 2 months
2 3 years
3 Till the term of that Parliament
4 Indefinitely


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