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Psychology Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | GkSeries

1 Backward Conditioning occurs when :
A CS and US are presented simultaneously
B CS is presented first and US is presented before the termination of CS
C CS is presented first and US is presented after the termination of CS
D US is presented first and CS is presented after the termination of US

Answer: Option [D]
2 The James-Lange theory and the cognitive theory of emotion disagree on whether :
A specific brain centers are involved in specific emotions.
B bodily feedback determines which emotion is felt.
C individuals can judge their emotions accurately.
D there is no any biological involvement in human emotions.

Answer: Option [B]


3 Biologically based emotional and behavioural tendencies that are evident in early childhood represent :
A Trait
B Type
C Temperament
D Style

Answer: Option [C]
4 In Jungian theory, the idea that energy is automatically redistributed in the psyche in order to achieve equilibrium or balance depicts :
A Principle of Equivalence
B Principle of Synchronicity
C Principle of Entrophy
D Principle of Opposites

Answer: Option [C]
5 After the recent terrorist attacks in France, a psychologist proposed a study wherein he would interview two hundred French citizens to find whether their attitude towards fate as a consequence of the attack. This study can best be labelled as :
A attitude change experiment
B field experiment
C ex post facto study
D psychometric study

Answer: Option [C]
6 Which of the following is correct while comparing classical and operant conditioning ?
A Operant conditioning takes place before reinforcement while classical conditioning takes place after reinforcement.
B Operant conditioning takes place as a result of some voluntary action while classical conditioning takes place without choice.
C In operant conditioning, response is elicited while in classical conditioning it is emitted.
D In operant conditioning magnitude of the response is the index of conditioning while in classical conditioning it is the rate of response.

Answer: Option [B]
7 Words learned under water are recalled :
A Better on land than under water
B Better above land (sky) than on land
C Better above land (sky) than under water
D Better under water than on land

Answer: Option [D]
8 Which of the following sequence is correct ?
A Oral phase ® Anal phase ® Latency ® Phallic ® Genital
B Anal ® Oral ® Phallic ® Latency ® Genital
C Oral ® Anal ® Phallic ® Latency ® Genital
D Oral ® Phallic ® Anal ® Genital ® Latency

Answer: Option [C]
9 Which memory is the result of instrumental/motor learning processes ?
A Semantic memory
B Episodic memory
C Sensory memory
D Procedural memory

Answer: Option [D]
10 In which lobe of the cerebral cortex, the primary olfactory cortex lies ?
A Frontal lobe
B Temporal lobe
C Occipital lobe
D Parietal lobe

Answer: Option [B]
11 “Factor Analysis is used as a means of confirming a structured model than as a means of discovering a structural model”. This is true of which theory of intelligence ?
A Spearman
B Thurstone
C Jensen
D Guilford

Answer: Option [D]
12 What is the role of positive and negative reinforcement ?
A To increase the likelihood that responses preceding both will be repeated.
B To decrease the likelihood that responses preceding negative reinforcement will be repeated.
C To increase the likelihood that responses preceding only positive reinforcement will be repeated.
D To ensure that there are no negative consequences following the behaviour.

Answer: Option [A]

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