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Psychology Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Psychology Quiz Set 7

1 According to the Connectionist view, memories are :
1 Abstract concepts
2 Knowledge structures
3 Interconnections among neurons
4 Schemas

Answer:Interconnections among neurons
2 A patient in Mental Hospital somehow procured a needle and thread, and while sleeping, she tried to stitch her lips together, so that someone does not pour poison in her mouth when asleep. Most probably she suffers from :
1 Bipolar Disorder
2 Hebephrenic Schizophrenia
3 Delusional Disorder
4 Borderline Personality Disorder

Answer:Delusional Disorder
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3 John, the chess master selects his next move by considering the moves that it would threaten the opponent’s queen whilst his opponent, a chess playing computer, selects its next move by considering all possible moves John is using ________ whilst the computer is using _______.
1 Algorithm ; heuristic
2 Prototype ; mental set
3 Mental set ; prototype
4 Heuristic ; algorithm

Answer:Heuristic ; algorithm
4 The sequence of different dimensions of Job Characteristics Model are :
1 Skill variety, task significance, autonomy, task identity, feedback
2 Skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, feedback
3 Task identity, task significance, autonomy, skill variety, feedback
4 Autonomy, task identity, skill variety, task significance, feedback

Answer:Skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, feedback
5 Fill in the blank by selecting appropriate alternative.

Harlow’s classic studies with baby monkeys and wire or cloth artificial mothers have demonstrated the importance of _________ in the early development.

1 Regular feeding
2 Classical conditioning
3 Freedom to explore
4 Physical contact

Answer:Physical contact
6 A person with Schizophrenia was found to repeat whatever words the psychiatric social worker was speaking. This behaviour can be labelled as :
1 Echopraxia
2 Neologism
3 Word Salading
4 Echolalia

7 In which parts of brain the feeling of hunger and full are felt ?
1 Hypothalamus ; Cerebral Cortex
2 Lateral hypothalamus ; Ventromedial hypothalamus
3 Lateral hypothalamus; Cerebral Cortex
4 Cerebral Cortex ; Ventromedial hypothalamus

Answer:Lateral hypothalamus ; Ventromedial hypothalamus
8 An example of Feature Analysis is :
1 Phonics
2 Words
3 Context of words
4 Meaning of words

9 Which of the following is the final destination for much of the brain’s information about emotion, before action is taken ?
1 Amygdale
2 Anterior Cingulated Cortex
3 Pre - frontal cortex
4 Hypothalamus

Answer:Pre - frontal cortex
10 Which part of Central Nervous System controls much of the Endocrine System by regulating the Pituitary Gland ?
1 Amygdala
2 Hypothalamus
3 Hippocampus
4 Medulla

11 Cognitive structures that represent an organised collection of knowledge about people, events and concepts are called :
1 Images
2 Schemas
3 Social influence
4 Disposition

12 Which is not the part of Equity Theory ?
1 Over payment
2 Under payment
3 Linear payment
4 Equitable payment

Answer: Linear payment
13 How many ‘three way interactions’ can be studied in a 4×3×3 factorial design ?
1 1 only
2 4 only
3 12 only
4 3 only

Answer: 1 only
14 In a verbal memory experiment, the two independent variables, ‘meaningfulness of material’ and ‘retention interval’ were employed, each varied at three levels. The number of words correctly recalled was the dependent variable. The sum of squares due to meaningfulness of material is 270. The Mean square for the meaningfulness of material would be :
1 30.0
2 67.5
3 90.0
4 135.0

15 According to Meichenbaum (1977), the steps involved in cognitive behaviour modification are :
1 Covert self instruction → overt external guidance → overt self guidance → cognitive modeling → faded overt self-guidance
2 Cognitive modeling → faded overt self - guidance → overt external guidance → Covert self instruction → overt self-guidance
3 Covert self instruction → faded overt self - guidance → overt external guidance → Cognitive modeling → overt self - guidance
4 Cognitive modeling → overt external guidance → overt self - guidance → faded overt self - guidance → Covert self-instruction

Answer:Cognitive modeling → overt external guidance → overt self - guidance → faded overt self - guidance → Covert self-instruction

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