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Tourism Administration & Management Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Tourism Administration & Management Quiz Set 12

1 Which of the following is not a correct statement regarding Freedoms of Air ?
1 Second Freedom : A carrier may land in another nation for non-traffic-related purposes
2 Fourth Freedom : A carrier may drop off passengers from its own country in anothernation.
3 Sixth Freedom : A carrier may carry passengers from one state through its home country to a third state.
4 Eight Freedom : A carrier may operate domestic services in a foreign country with continuing service to or from one’s own country.

Answer: Fourth Freedom : A carrier may drop off passengers from its own country in anothernation.
2 Indian railways has launched India’s first glass ceiling vistadome coach in 2017 to :
1 Experience the scenic Araru valley
2 Experience Kangra valley
3 Experience valley of Flowers
4 Experience Dibang valley

Answer: Experience the scenic Araru valley


3 When was the 2ND“international conference on Responsible Tourism” held ?
1 2002
2 2004
3 2008
4 2010

Answer: 2008
4 Read the following statements :

(a)In 1961 Jeena Tours and Travels was integrated with Travel corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd. Which grew to become India’s largest travel company under the dynamic leadership of Katgaras.

(b)In 2006, TCI changed hands and became a part of Thomas Cook.Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?

1 (a) only
2 (b) only
3 Both (a) and (b)
4 Neither (a) Nor (b)

Answer: Both (a) and (b)
5 Which one of the following is not an airline’s GDS ?
1 Galileo
2 World span
3 Amadeus
4 Concert

Answer: Concert
6 Which one of the following is not an appropriate marketing strategy in the growth stage of the Product Life Cycle (PLC) ?
1 Market modification
2 Product modification
3 Marketing-mix modification
4 Market penetration

Answer: Market penetration
7 Following are four categories of motivators as suggested by Mclntosh, Goeldner and Ritchie (1995).Identify correct order in which they have appeared.
1 Physical, cultural, interpersonal, status and prestige
2 Interpersonal, cultural, physical, status and prestige
3 Cultural, physical, status and prestige, interpersonal
4 Physical, interpersonal, cultural, status and prestige

Answer: Physical, cultural, interpersonal, status and prestige
8 The controllable variables that a company puts together to satisfy a target group, is called the__________.
1 Marketing strategy
2 Marketing mix
3 Strategic planning
4 Marketing concept

Answer: Marketing mix
9 I×A is the IATA code for which of the following city ?
1 Allahabad
2 Ambala
3 Aurangabad
4 Agartala

Answer: Agartala
10 Which one of the following is not included in the Hospitality Information Systems (HIS) ?
1 Group Information systems
2 Electronic Mail
3 Organizational Information systems
4 Global Positioning systems

Answer: Global Positioning systems
11 Who from the following plays the roles of figurehead, Spokes person and negotiator in a typical tourism organisations ?
1 A sales manager
2 A production manager
3 A product development manager
4 A first-line supervisor

Answer: A sales manager
12 The every day tasks of management include :
1 Planning and creativity
2 Planning and leading
3 Publicity and loss adjustment
4 Plotting and leading

Answer: Planning and leading
13 Establishing challenging goals, asking performance improvement and displaying confidence that people will exert high levels of effort are associated with which element of the path-goal approach to leadership ?
1 Supportive leadership
2 Participative leadership
3 Transformational leadership
4 Achievement oriented leadership

Answer: Achievement oriented leadership
14 Select the statement about business communication that is not true :
1 Upward and downward
2 It takes many forms; oral, print and electronic
3 One is judged by professional expertise and not by one’s communication skills in business
4 If one communicates well, one is likely to be promoted

Answer: One is judged by professional expertise and not by one’s communication skills in business
15 A Committee of four members has to be formed from among three psychologists, four economists,two engineers and one doctor. What is the probability that the committee consists of the doctor and at least one psychologist ?
1 0.6100
2 0.3048
3 0.6048
4 0.9048

Answer: 0.3048

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