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Tourism Administration & Management Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Tourism Administration & Management Quiz Set 14

1 Charbagh Railway Station is in_______.
1 Lucknow
2 Jodhpur
3 Moradabad
4 Habibganj

Answer: Lucknow
2 A normal Indian passport has_______ pages.
1 33
2 63
3 36
4 60

Answer: 36
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3 In Doxey’s Irridex Model, identify the correct order of stages of host approach to visitors:
1 Euphoria, Apathy, Annoyance, Antagonism
2 Euphoria, Apathy, Antagonism, Annoyance
3 Euphoria, Antagonism, Apathy, Annoyance
4 Euphoria, Annoyance, Apathy, Antagonism

Answer: Euphoria, Apathy, Annoyance, Antagonism
4 Thomas cook set up its first office in India in-
1 1881
2 1891
3 1871
4 1861

Answer: 1881
5 Who among the following is credited to have published the book entitled “The Tourist Gaze”?
1 E. Cohen
2 Stanley Plog
3 John Urry
4 E. Inskeep

Answer: John Urry
6 Which train was introduced in honour of Rabindranath Tagore?
1 Kavi Guru Express
2 Rabindra Express
3 Gurudev Express
4 Howrah Express

Answer: Kavi Guru Express
7 Which two sources of leakages of tourism revenue severely affect tourism development in the host tourism destination?
1 Investment and savings
2 Export and Import
3 Saving and Imports
4 Revenue and Expenditure

Answer: Saving and Imports
8 Which of the following is not correctly matched?
1 Superiority : Single minded focus on customer needs and expectations
2 Inimitability : Erect barriers that are insurmountable
3 Durability : Customer needs should not be met by alternative ways
4 Appropriability : Have a small share of the market but ride over the market

Answer: Durability : Customer needs should not be met by alternative ways
9 Which one of the following is not among the factors that influence the effectiveness of organizational communication ?
1 The Formal channels of Communication
2 Organization’s Authority Structure
3 Job Specialization
4 Grapevine Chains

Answer: Grapevine Chains
10 An average inventory is`12,000 and the closing inventory is`3000 more than opening inventory. What would be the closing inventory?
1 `24,000
2 `12,000
3 `10,500
4 `13,500

Answer: `13,500
11 All of the following statements are true except :
1 A buyer’s decision process affects purchase outcomes.
2 Consumer buying behaviour refers to the buying behaviour of ultimate customers.
3 The individual characteristics of a buyer do not influence how he or she reacts to the stimuli.
4 Marketers need to understand how the stimuli are changed into responses inside the mind of the consumer.

Answer: The individual characteristics of a buyer do not influence how he or she reacts to the stimuli.
12 Balance of payments is calculated to measure impact of tourism on Gross National Product. Find one of the correct formula given below.
1 Y= 1+G+X–M
2 Y=C+1+G+(X–M)
3 Y=X–M+G+C+1
4 Y=(M–X)+1+G+C

Answer: Y=C+1+G+(X–M)
13 Which one of the following is not the quantitative research methods ?
1 Focus groups
2 Depth interviews
3 Structured interviews
4 Project techniques

Answer: Structured interviews
14 One goal of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is to make which of the following costs high for the customers, thus discouraging them to buy from another supplier.
1 Product Costs
2 Transaction Costs
3 Switching Costs
4 Distribution Costs

Answer: Switching Costs
15 Which is not the observation method?
1 Personal Observation
2 Mechanical Observation
3 Trace Analysis
4 Third person Observation

Answer: Third person Observation

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