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Tourism Administration & Management Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Tourism Administration & Management Quiz Set 18

1 Which of the following is Bleisure travel ?
1 Combining business trip with leisure
2 Reading books while travelling
3 Travel for business
4 Travel for entertainment

Answer:Combining business trip with leisure
2 Which of the following organisations was founded as non-profit organisation in 1951 ?

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3 Norberg-Hodge (1992) observed the effect of a sudden influx of western tourists in Ladakh, Nepal on young men and states that feelings of inferiority have resulted. They rush after the symbols of modernity : sunglasses, walkmans and blue jeans several sizes too small-not because they find these jeans more attractive or comfortable, because they are symbols of modern life. This statement reflects
1 Demonstration effect
2 Staged Authenticity
3 Irritation Index
4 Displacement

Answer:Demonstration effect
4 ‘Pseudo-events’ presented to satisfy tourist needs for new experience is example of
1 Standardisation
2 Acculturation
3 Staged authenticity
4 Cultural baggage

Answer:Staged authenticity
5 Frugal Innovation is an award winning book – 2016 from CIM. The authors of the book are
1 Haemoonoh and Abraham Pizam
2 Philip Kotler and John T. Bowen
3 Brownlie, D.T. and Wilson A.
4 Navi Radjou and Jaideep Prabhu

Answer:Navi Radjou and Jaideep Prabhu
6 Raja Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur constructed Astronomy labs (Jantar-Mantars) in the following five cities :
1 Jaipur, Pushkar, Delhi, Lahore, Mathura
2 Jaipur, Banaras, Delhi, Sarnath, Ujjain
3 Jaipur, Mathura, Ujjain, Delhi, Banaras
4 Jaipur, Calcutta, Mathura, Ujjain, Banaras

Answer: Jaipur, Mathura, Ujjain, Delhi, Banaras
7 Identify the art form which requires a special canvas made of fine gauze-like cloth which is fortified with tamarind paste, chalk powder and gum. After drying the canvas most intricate designs are drawn and coloured with natural dyes.
1 Warli Painting
2 Patta chitra
3 Kalam
4 Madhubani painting

Answer:Patta chitra
8 The first hotel of International Standards and repute, built by an Indian company for Indians, the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai was opened in the year ________
1 1901
2 1902
3 1903
4 1904

9 A concept believed to have originated in Italy and is also very close to the Indian cooking concept talking about various aspects of food such as respecting the food, treating the ingredients the way they are supposed to be treated to retain maximum nutrition and goodness in the food, also related to organic cooking is known as
1 Health food
2 Fast food
3 Slow food
4 Organic food

Answer:Slow food
10 Demipension plan includes
1 Room rate, English breakfast & One major meal
2 Room rate and One meal
3 Room rate only
4 None of the above

Answer: Room rate, English breakfast & One major meal
11 The official website of Tourism and Hospitality Sector Skill Council, India is
12 Eurostar is
1 A high speed train
2 Cruise line
3 Star category for hotels in Europe
4 Travel Agency

Answer: A high speed train
13 Indian Railways provides exclusive coaches for the journey to a group wanting to travel for sightseeing, excursion, pilgrimage etc. These are calle
1 Tourist Trains
2 Tourist Cars
3 Tourist Rail
4 Tourist Bus

Answer: Tourist Cars
14 Which of the following is dedicated bus service for sightseeing for visitors in many Indian cities ?
1 HOHO Bus
2 Charter Bus
3 Volvo Byle
4 Caravan

Answer: HOHO Bus
15 The acronym RV stands for
1 Rapid Vehicle
2 Roadworthy Vehicle
3 Recreation Vehicle
4 Radio Vehicle

Answer: Recreation Vehicle

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