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Tourism Administration & Management Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Tourism Administration & Management Quiz Set 2

1 Ministry of Tourism, Government of India has launched a web application to facilitate hoteliers for classification and approval of their hotel. The official online portal for the same is :

2 The minimum number of lettable rooms, with all rooms having provision of outside windows and/or ventilation for any star rating category, as per latest guidelines issued by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India (2018) is :
1 25
2 15
3 100
4 10

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3 Which amongst the following is a heritage hotel ?
1 Taj Lake Palace Udaipur
2 Oberoi Udaivilas Udaipur
3 The Leela Palace Udaipur
4 Radisson Blu Udaipur

Answer:Taj Lake Palace Udaipur
4 Established by Ms. Travis Kalanick and Mr. Garrett Camp in 2009, Uber Cabs has its head office is :
1 Taj Lake Palace Udaipur
2 San Francisco-California
3 New Delhi
4 Tokyo

Answer:San Francisco-California
5 Which of the following statements are correct ?

a.Mr. Rakesh Gangwal is one of the founders of Spice Jet Airlines

b.Mr. Naresh Goyal is one of the founders of Jet Airways

c.Mr. Rahul Bhati is one of the founders of Indigo Airlines

d.Mr. Bhavish Aggarwal is one of the founders of GoAir

Code :
1 Both (a) and (b) are correct.
2 Both (b) and (c) are correct.
3 Both (c) and (d) are correct.
4 Both (a) and (d) are correct.

Answer:Both (b) and (c) are correct.
6 Mascot of Indian Railways is :
1 Maharaja (Emperor)
2 Bholu-An Elephant
3 Panda
4 Tiger

Answer:Bholu-An Elephant
7 Golden Quadrilateral is highway network connecting many of the major industrial, agricultural and cultural centres of India comprises :
1 Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai
2 Srinagar, Kanyakumari, Gandhinagar, Kolkata
3 Dehradun, Rajkot, Bengaluru, Patna
4 Delhi, Gandhinagar, Puducherry, Shillong

Answer: Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai
8 Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport is located at :
1 Raipur
2 Durgapur
3 Ranchi
4 Srinagar

Answer: Durgapur
9 First Shatabdi Express (1988) operated between :
1 New Delhi-Jhansi
2 New Delhi-Chandigarh
3 New Delhi-Amritsar
4 New Delhi-Dehradun

Answer: New Delhi-Jhansi
10 Arrange the following airlines in the order of their scheduled commercial operationalisation :

(a)Air India

(b) Spice Jet

(c) Jet Airways

(d) Indigo

Code :
1 (c), (a), (b), (d)
2 (a), (d), (c), (b)
3 (a), (c), (d), (b)
4 (a), (c), (b), (d)

Answer: (a), (c), (b), (d)
11 Identify the correct sequence of the following IATO convention in the order of the year of the event held.

a.IATO convention in Lahore,3-5 TH June

b.IATO convention in Khajuraho, 17-19 TH Dec

c.IATO convention in Bhubaneswar, 7-10 TH Aug

d.IATO convention in Indore, 20-23 RD Aug

Code :
1 (b), (c), (d), (a)
2 (a), (b), (c), (d)
3 (d), (c), (b), (a)
4 (c), (d), (a), (b)

Answer: (a), (b), (c), (d)
12 Eravikulam National Park is located in the state of :
1 Karnataka
2 Andhra Pradesh
3 Kerala
4 Tamil Nadu

Answer: Kerala
13 Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched ?
1 F.J. Kennedy TAAI President-1956-57
2 Inder Sharma PATA President-1988-1991
3 G.K. Khanna ATOI President-1966-1969
4 Jehangir Katgara ASTA President-2001-2003

Answer: F.J. Kennedy TAAI President-1956-57
14 Who amongst the following is the founder of ?
1 Ritesh Agarwal
2 Phanindra Sama
3 Ashish Kashyap
4 Subhash Goya

Answer: Phanindra Sama
15 Who is the founder of cleartrip ?
1 Vinay Gupta
2 Krishna Mohan Alapati
3 Stuart Crighton and Hrush Bhatt
4 Dhruv Shringi, Manish Amin and Sabina Chopra

Answer: Stuart Crighton and Hrush Bhatt

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