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Tourism Administration & Management Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Tourism Administration & Management Quiz Set 20

1 As per which of the following leadership theories, the leadership effectiveness is determined by the interaction between the leader’s personal characteristics and aspects of the situation ?
1 Contingency theory
2 Cognitive resource theory
3 Normative decision theory
4 Path-goal theory

Answer:Contingency theory
2 Which one of the following is ‘NOT’ one of the ‘myths’ about business ethics ?
1 Ethics is personal
2 Information is neutral and amoral
3 Good business means good ethics
4 Business ethics is not relative

Answer:Business ethics is not relative


3 Which of the following types of planning is derived from corporate planning ?
1 Strategic planning
2 Functional planning
3 Formal planning
4 Proactive planning

Answer:Functional planning
4 Which of the following tourist typology is given by Dalen (1989) ?
1 Wanderlust, Sunlust
2 Modern Materialist, Modern Idealist, Traditional Idealist, Traditional Materialist
3 Adventurous, Worriers, Dreamers, Economizers, Indulgers
4 Romantic gaze, Collective gaze, Spectatorial gaze

Answer:Modern Materialist, Modern Idealist, Traditional Idealist, Traditional Materialist
5 Which of the following statement is true for Adarsh Smarak ?
1 They are monuments with unique architectural features.
2 They are ASI protected monuments included under pilot project of Ministry of Tourism – Swachh Paryatan Mobile App
3 They are the most visited monuments of India.
4 They are the monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage list of India.

Answer:They are ASI protected monuments included under pilot project of Ministry of Tourism – Swachh Paryatan Mobile App
6 Out of 11 different leisure needs proposed by Kabanoff (1982), which one of the following includes the first four leisure needs in the correct sequence ?
1 Relaxation – Family activity – Interaction – Stimulation
2 Autonomy – Relaxation – Family activity – Escape from routine
3 Health – Esteem – Relaxation – Stimulation
4 Escape from routine – Relaxation – Health – Interaction

Answer: Autonomy – Relaxation – Family activity – Escape from routine
7 Travel Advisory issued by a government for its citizens leads to what type of demand for tourism ?
1 Effective Demand
2 Potential Demand
3 Deferred Demand
4 No Demand

Answer:Deferred Demand
8 Cultural values are to be preserved
1 for enjoying and playing
2 for life to have human meaning
3 for enjoying material life
4 for following spiritual life

Answer:for life to have human meaning
9 The founding roots of bio-diversity for human cultures have taken the time span such as
1 Ten centuries
2 Unlimited centuries
3 Fifty centuries
4 Limited decades or centuries

Answer:Unlimited centuries
10 The method of studying the past should be
1 in the continuity of present
2 in isolation of past
3 in relation of future
4 in the light of legends and sooth-saying

Answer:in the continuity of present
11 Point out the regions which have imported life styles and cultures
1 Africa and U.S.A.
2 Latin America and South-West Europe
3 African and South-American countries
4 Switzerland and Sweden

Answer:African and South-American countries
12 In addition to the above cited regions there are other countries where the imported life styles and cultures are traceable and visible, select those countries from the following :
1 Denmark and Sweden
2 France and Pakistan
3 Pakistan and India
4 India and Spain

Answer: Pakistan and India
13 Which State in India one shall be travelling to, if following are the highlights of an itinerary ?

Visit to the living root bridges of the Ficus Elastica tree.

Interact with War-Khasi tribe

Visit to Mawlynnog, the cleanest village in all of Asia.

1 Assam
2 Manipur
3 Mizoram
4 Mizoram

14 The key features of a Twin Room include.
1 Sofa cum bed
2 Cabana
3 Two single beds
4 Extra bed for child

Answer:Two single beds
15 The Oberoi Group of Hotels was founded in the year ________.
1 1914
2 1924
3 1934
4 1944

Answer: 1934

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