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Tourism Administration & Management Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Tourism Administration & Management Quiz Set 22

1 Which one of the following category of community participation, as proposed by Tosun (1999) does not include ?
1 Spontaneous
2 Induced
3 Manipulative
4 Coercive

2 Which one of the approaches to tourism planning as identified by Getz (1987) does not include ?
1 Boosterism
2 Community oriented approach
3 Physical/spatial approach
4 Ecological approach

Answer: Ecological approach
3 Which one of the following is a correct method for carrying out exploratory research ?
1 Surveys
2 Case studies
3 Experiments
4 Structured design

Answer: Case studies
4 Which statistic is not associated with cluster analysis ?
1 Cluster centroid
2 Dendrogam
3 Icicle
4 Oblique rotation

Answer: Oblique rotation
5 Spurious correlation is
1 A bad correlation between two variables.
2 Very low correlation between two variables.
3 Correlation between two variables having no causal relationship.
4 A negative correlation

Answer:Correlation between two variables having no causal relationship.
6 Since blood pressure of a person depends on age, we need to consider
1 Regression equation of blood pressure on age
2 Regression equation of age on blood pressure
3 Both (1) and (2)
4 Either (1) or (2)

Answer: Regression equation of blood pressure on age
7 Two lines of regression become identical when
1 r = 1
2 r = –1
3 r = 0
4 r = A or B

Answer: r = A or B
8 The variation between the true value in the population of variable of interest and the observed mean value is called as
1 Non-sampling error
2 Random sampling error
3 Total error
4 Non-response error

Answer:Total error
9 The concept that leaders create ‘in-groups’ and ‘out-groups’ comes under which one of the following ?
1 Trait theory
2 Leader-Member-Exchange (LMX) theory
3 Path-goal theory
4 None of the above

Answer: Leader-Member-Exchange (LMX) theory
10 In _______ grapevine network the individual communicates with only those individuals whom he trusts.
1 Single strand
2 Gossip
3 Cluster
4 Probability

11 A self-fulfilling prophecy in which managers’ expectations about the level of their employees’ performance, can influence that performance is known as ______.
1 Halo effect
2 Status effect
3 Pygmalion effect
4 Hello effect

Answer:Pygmalion effect
12 Which one of the following is not a SEBI guideline regarding capital structure planning of a company ?
1 While there is no restriction on the kind of financial instruments, the issuer of capital shall make adequate disclosure about the characteristics of the instrument.
2 A new company set up by entrepreneurs without a track record is permitted to issue capital to public only at par.
3 Fully convertible debentures having a conversion period of less than 36 months must have put and call options.
4 The equity capital to be subscribed should not be less than 25% of the total issue of equity capital for amount upto ` 100 crore and 20% of the issue for amounts above ` 100 crore.

Answer:Fully convertible debentures having a conversion period of less than 36 months must have put and call options.
13 Which one of the following is not an assumption of Modigliani and Miller (MM) positions ?
1 Capital markets are imperfect.
2 Investors are rational.
3 Investors have homogenous expectations.
4 There is no corporate income tax.

Answer: Capital markets are imperfect.
14 Which International conference and declaration is not associated with Climate Change and Tourism ?
1 Kyoto Protocol
2 Djerba Declaration
3 Doha Declaration
4 Capetown Declaration

Answer: Capetown Declaration
15 Which one of the combination of the following airline companies has ownership of the “World span” as a Global Distribution System ?
1 Delta Airlines-Northwest Airlines-American Airlines
2 American Airlines-Air Canada-Lufthansa Airlines
3 Northwest Airlines-Air France-British Airways
4 Delta Airlines-Aerofloat-Cathay Pacific

Answer: Delta Airlines-Northwest Airlines-American Airlines

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