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Tourism Administration & Management Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Tourism Administration & Management Quiz Set 24

1 Which one of the following monetary control mechanisms is applied in an inflationary situation in a mass tourism destination ?
1 Increasing the rate of interest in lending to investors
2 Decreasing the rate of interest in savings
3 Printing more currency notes for circulation
4 Reducing the surplus of disposable income

Answer:Increasing the rate of interest in lending to investors
2 National Tourism Award of 2013-14 has been awarded to :
1 Chatrapati Shivaji Airport, Bombay
2 Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad
3 Biju Patnaik International Airport, Bhuvaneshwar
4 Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi

Answer:Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi


3 Which one of the travel behaviour is not related to the “Drifter” ?
1 Temporary in nature
2 Lifestyle of local community
3 Fixed travel itinerary
4 Novelty and authentic

Answer: Fixed travel itinerary
4 Pearson correlation coefficient is a statistical tool that measures the strength of :
1 A bivariate relationships between three variables
2 A linear relationship between two variables in the same order
3 A linear relationship between two metric values
4 A non-linear relationship between three non metric values

Answer: A linear relationship between two metric values
5 Which one of the following is not sustainable tourism indicator ?
1 Site Protection
2 Waste Management
3 Development Expansion
4 Local Satisfaction

Answer:Development Expansion
6 Name the equipment that is used for cleaning TV :
1 Sqeeze
2 Wiper
3 Feather broom
4 Yard broom

Answer: Feather broom
7 Name the chemical that is used for carpet spotting :
1 R-1
2 TR-101
3 TR-103
4 R-3

8 Name the Linen that is used for bed making :
1 T-brush
2 Bed sheets
3 Duster
4 Soft sheets

Answer:Bed sheets
9 What is the size of face towel ?
1 30330 cm
2 10310 cm
3 20320 cm
4 15315 cm

Answer:30330 cm
10 Identify “back of the house” area in a hotel :
1 Front office
2 Linen Room
3 Restaurants
4 Bar

Answer:Linen Room
11 In most full-service hotels, the Rooms Division Department is known for a “Revenue Centre “ for one of the following reasons :
1 Profit and loss are directly related
2 Revenues and costs are directly related
3 Fixed and variable costs are directly related
4 Sales and revenue are directly related

Answer: Revenues and costs are directly related
12 Spearman rank order correlation coefficient is used when two variables are measured by using :
1 Nominal Scale
2 Interval Scale
3 Ratio Scale
4 Ordinal Scale

Answer:Ordinal Scale
13 Which one of the following is the correct pattern of setting interval scale type of questions ?
1 More than 20 times, 11 to 15 times, 16 to 20 times, 6 to 10 times
2 Married-single-single, never, widowed
3 Inside the bank, Bank by mail, Bank by telephone, 24-hour ATM
4 Hinduism, Islamism, Christianism, Buddhism

Answer: More than 20 times, 11 to 15 times, 16 to 20 times, 6 to 10 times
14 A retailer being temporarily out of a particular brand is called :
1 Whiteouts
2 Blackouts
3 Stockouts
4 Shortage

Answer: Stockouts
15 The Balance-of-Payments is calculated with one of the following formulas :
1 Y5 C111(X2M)
2 G5 C111Y1(X2M)
3 Y5 C111G1(X2M)
4 G5 11C1(X2M)

Answer:Y5 C111G1(X2M)

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